WiseTREND Releases Election Roster Books Automation & Preservation Software

WiseROSTER software increases elections roster books processing speed by 20 times and adds reliability and enhances audit-ability

WiseROSTER Document Automation Software

WiseTREND (www.wisetrend.com) announces the availability of elections roster books processing and archiving system for counties to gather poll stations visit statistics 20 times faster than today’s other conventional systems.  WiseTREND specializes exclusively in advanced OCR, data capture, and document processing solutions. WiseTREND has exclusively provided document processing technology integration services since early 2007, specifically the ABBYY Recognition Server™ full-page OCR platform and ABBYY FlexiCapture™ data capture automation platform. WiseTREND was awarded “US Partner of the Year” in 2013 and “US Integration of the Year” in 2015 by ABBYY USA Software House, Inc.

For over eight years, we have been working with local counties to create and refine an automated polling place roster books processing system codenamed WiseROSTER.  It is an all-inclusive powerful scanning system that processes hundreds of roster books within few short hours, automatically captures images and reads data from every page, validates presence of signatures in every line, assembles all pages into fully searchable PDFs, saves documents onto your own secure storage, and generates reports about processing statistics and results. 

The roster book processing went very smoothly. We began scanning on Tuesday at 10:00 PM and finished on Thursday afternoon (~19 hours). We had 855 roster books for this election.

California County, Information Technology

Benefits of our system include:

  • Substantial increase in the processing speed compared to manual roster book processing.  Results of roster books processing can be available as quickly as next day. 
  • Full monitoring throughout the process by supervisors and management.  Real-time processing statistics.  Selective review, reporting, tracking of users with access and which users perform which modifications.
  • Full traceability even though any users can step out and any next authorized user can step in and continue the review work.
  • Escalation mechanism for supervisor review.  If any user has an issue that requires attention, the image with a user’s message can be electronically securely escalated to a.  Supervisor reviews the image, reviews the message and makes a decision or communicates back to the user.  All actions are recorded.
  • Substantial savings in operating costs, human labor, staffing, roster books handling year after year after year.
  • Roster book data becomes quickly available for bulk-imported into DIMS or some other tracking system currently implemented today.
  • After processing all roster books get saved into Searchable PDF files.  These files can be quickly searched for any value, such as Name or ID, and any page containing those values can be quickly found, highlighted and reviewed as a pixel-perfect original scanned image.

California counties that currently use this system provide excellent feedback:

“The roster book processing went very smoothly. We began scanning on Tuesday at 10:00 PM and finished on Thursday afternoon (~19 hours). We had 855 roster books for this election.”

2008 presidential election (before WiseROSTER) – 14 days with large staff and little accountability
2016 June 7th election (with WiseROSTER) – 19 hours with small staff and full accountability

WiseTREND is offering WiseROSTER to every county for a “smooth” and “fast” roster book processing result in this up-coming November 2016 presidential election.  We expect this election to be historic, for one reason or another.

Contact WiseTREND for a live demonstration and a consolation.  Implementation of a typical system can be completed within one to two weeks.

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