DigitEYE Desk Lamp & Document Scanner Launches on Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter: DigitEYE - a modern compact eco-friendly desktop lamp with an integrated powerful, unobtrusive, camera-based document scanner and innovative software powered by latest state-of-art technologies for document scanning, storage and management in a paperless office.

DigitEYE: desk lamp, document scanner, document management software

DigitEYE document scanner & desk lamp launches on Kickstarter here!

DigitEYE acts as a desk lamp and can automatically monitor the desk surface and detect any placed underneath paper documents for fast and efficient scanning and filing into folders.  A document can be scanned with one click and in under one second.

DigitEYE uses the latest ABBYY FineReader Engine ™ OCR technology to extract text-based content and use it intelligently for document identification, naming, saving and search and retrieval.  Documents can be processed in over 190 languages, including automatic language detection.  Advanced imaging tools provide powerful background noise cleanup capabilities, auto-rotation detection, skew correction, and adaptive binarization.

DigitEYE is developed by WiseTREND.  WiseTREND specializes exclusively in advanced OCR, data capture and document processing solutions. WiseTREND has exclusively provided ABBYY technology integration services since early 2007, specifically the ABBYY Recognition Server™ full-page OCR platform and ABBYY FlexiCapture™ data capture automation platform. WiseTREND was awarded “US Partner of the Year” in 2013 and “Integrator of the Year” in 2015 by ABBYY USA Software House, Inc.

DigitEYE is available for Kickstarter crowdfunding support now.  Please find us on Facebook (#DigitEYE), Twitter (@DigitEYE_it) and YouTube.

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