WiseTREND and WestFax Partner to Offer Healthcare Industry End-to-End Intelligent Forms Capture, Claims, Document Automation OCR Solutions

WiseTREND and WestFax partner to provide seamless digital fax and intelligent document processing automation solutions

WiseFax and WiseTREND announce Partnership and integration

​​​Healthcare and insurance organizations must adhere to the rigorous standards required by HIPAA while staying modern, adaptive and competitive. With security and privacy a paramount concern, we have seen the evolution of digital fax from a green paper-saving initiative to the enterprise digital cloud fax technology, which aims to provide complete interoperability with all levels of healthcare.

With fax still being the primary vehicle for transmission of ePHI in the healthcare industry, the ability to utilize advanced OCR, ICR, OMR, BCR and IDR, powered by an award-winning ABBYY(TM) technology, to unlock valuable data from paper documents and images is more critical now than ever. WiseTREND can offer fax for healthcare with complete workflow and routing, advanced document processing and automation capabilities out of the box. Utilizing WestFax’s robust digital cloud fax platform, providers and insurers can leverage the power of secure and rapid fax transmission and provide a full end-to-end integration with many of the EMR/EHR systems on the market. This is the right fax for your digital transformation and data intelligence.

WiseHEALTHCARE is a healthcare industry-specific forms capture and document processing package that is designed to streamline and automate data input workflows, eliminate human data entry and eradicate slow manual processes. This software can extract content from a variety of input methods including electronic faxes, to interpolate key data for export to back end systems and databases automatically. The package can process out-of-box documents as medical claims (HCFA, CMA-1500, UB-04), explanations of benefits (EOB), physician assessment forms and patient surveys, tests and lab reports, and much more.

WestFax’s Secure Cloud Fax technology, integrated with WiseTREND’s WiseHEALTHCARE forms capture package, is a perfect union of data and process. The combined solution delivers cost savings compared to other digital fax providers and highly scalable and accurate results, meanwhile reducing manual data entry time by up to 95%.

Contact us and experience how WestFax and WiseTREND can help realize HIPAA compliance, reduce process pain-points and improve patient care with the right fax solution for your organization. www.wisetrend.com

Source: WiseTREND Advanced OCR & Data Capture, Inc.