WiseTREND Provides Detailed Analysis of ABBYY's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Recognition Server on Amazon AWS Cloud

Detailed analysis of ABBYY's advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) named ABBYY Recognition Server Performance on Amazon AWS Cloud with hardware, network, software and cost analysis by WiseTREND.

WiseTREND (www.wisetrend.com), one of the leading and repeatedly awarded integrators of ABBYY’s advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), form processing and data capture, announce detailed analysis statistics and information about running OCR on Amazon AWS EC2.

According to Ilya Evdokimov, a Senior Projects Architect at WiseTREND who has been deploying numerous document processing systems using ABBYY’s award-winning technology for over 16 years, WiseTREND now has and provides a full spectrum of OCR processing statistics for Amazon AWS. 

Many years of running OCR in a cloud environment allow us to optimize every aspect of efficient OCR processing

Ilya Evdokimov, Sr. Projects Architect

WiseTREND technicians performed multi-directional analysis and testing of hardware provided by Amazon EC2 to determine which particular server type and storage technology work better for OCR needs.  Network traffic was analyzed for most optimal server-based processing station distribution and lowest overhead.  Direct and indirect costs were considered as a factor to determine which particular server type and architecture produces best cost efficiency.

Full OCR on Amazon AWS report is available here.

ABBYY Recognition Server, with the help of WiseTREND team, has been successfully implemented in nearly every industry and market segment, including enterprise, corporate, government, transportation, education, finance, accounting, banking, and legal.  ABBYY Recognition Server is well-known for its ability to automate and quickly process images and PDFs and create high-quality OCR-based text documents or Searchable PDFs.  It requires just minutes to setup for processing of millions of documents across multiple computers clustered into one powerful processing platform.

Please contact WiseTREND for additional details as well as for how to receive access to this advanced OCR technology for your own document processing use.


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