Winjit Continues Mobile World Congress Tour in Los Angeles With Next-Generation AI Platform for All Business Needs

​Winjit showcased its emerging technology products PredictSense - Automated Machine Learning Platform, IoTSense - Full-Scale IoT Platform, VisionSense - Advance Computer Vision, and KonnectSense - Distributed Ledger Platform at the Mobile World Congress which was held at Los Angeles Convention Center, California, Oct. 22-24, 2019.

Winjit has been at the forefront of building and implementing ingenious solutions for varied industries with an emphasis on AI and ML solutions. Winjit’s AI solutions cover a wide range of solution that converges the best of IoT, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Winjit’s products have found implementation in different industries ranging from process and discrete manufacturing, precision agriculture, smart surveillance, real-time analytics, deployment of smart contracts, document management and M2M communication, among others.

The flagship product "PredictSense" from Winjit has been a revolutionary software that has benefited numerous businesses. It works on an effective algorithm that operates over API structure and creates a strong automated machine learning platform. Its efficiency has helped operational business problems to conclude with solutions in a real-time scenario. The impact predictive models being generated by the algorithms facilitate the businesses to derive precise and optimum business decisions.

Winjit has been covered as one of the top 10 emerging AI platform companies by the CIO Insider magazine. Winjit AI platform has enabled a large of modern-age AI technology companies to rapidly build and deploy solutions on the edge in a supervised and unsupervised environment. Earlier this year, SIDBI and The Economic Times India MSE Awards 2019 honored Winjit with two awards for being the Most Innovative MSE and the most Tech Savvy MSE.

Commenting on the participation in this event, Tony Loaiza, VP - Sales & Business Development of Winjit, said, “We are delighted to represent Winjit here. The three days at MWC have been fantastic having had the opportunity to interact with the industry leaders and showcasing them our approach to implementing AI and ML across domains.”

About Winjit

Winjit is an AI platform engineering company that has built and deployed a large number of AI solutions that include use cases involving complex machine learning, computer vision with a neural network, abstraction layer with different blockchain technology and distributed deep learning platform.  Our forte is to provide end-to-end solutions from conceptualization and optimization to real-time solutions for any business. We are present in all geographically major locations in the world, with prominence in South Africa, U.K., U.S., Singapore, and India. We have expertise in designing and developing agile solutions strategically crafted to the client’s requirements.

Source: Winjit Inc.