Winjit Accelerating Innovation Through Its AI Platform and Solutions for Today's Business Problems

Winjit at AI Summit

​Winjit showcased its AI platform, which covers a range of solutions for emerging technologies, at the AI Summit held at The Javits Center, New York, from December 11-12, 2019. The cutting edge products presented were PredictSense – Automated Machine Learning Platform, IoTSense – Full-Scale IoT Platform, VisionSense – Advance Computer Vision, and KonnectSense – Distributed Ledger Platform.

Vignesh Iyer, Global Vice President – Emerging Technologies of Winjit, was a part of the panel discussion during this event. The topic discussed was “Optimizing Legacy IT Architecture to Facilitate Implementation of AI in The Financial Services Sector”. Some of the key points discussed in this panel were

-          Enhancing service offering through insights gained as a result of Machine Learning Implementation

-          When should you work with pure-play technology providers, and when should you look to tier 1 consultancies?

-          What are the “low hanging fruits” for heads of IT to look out for when identifying new use cases across their stack?

-          Handling sensitive data and responsible movement of data across platforms during IT overhaul

Winjit has served multiple industries by building and implementing ingenious solutions with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. Winjit’s AI solutions converge the best of IoT, Smart OCR, Rapid RPA, Machine Learning, Distributer Ledger Technology and Natural Language Processing for today’s fast-growing companies. Some of the industries where Winjit has implemented its solutions include process and discrete manufacturing, precision agriculture, smart surveillance, real-time analytics, deployment of smart contracts, document management and M2M communication, among others.

PredictSense is Winjit’s flagship product which, with its high-power algorithms, has helped numerous organizations reduce their operational time and improve decision making. Winjit’s technology platforms – IoTSense, VisionSense, and KonnectSense have facilitated businesses to drive their products and services to greater heights of innovation.

Commenting on the participation in this event, Vignesh Iyer, Global Vice President – Emerging Technologies said, “We are thrilled to be present at the AI Summit, which has provided us with the platform to showcase our innovative offerings to a diverse segment of decision-makers. During this cutting-edge event, we shared our unique insights and industry research on the future of how AI can help the digital transformation efforts underway across sectors and industries. Our experience in technology best practices are the result of ongoing investments in user experience research and testing, technology innovation, business intelligence and operational quality”

About Winjit
Founded in 2004, by two technology enthusiasts Abhijit Junagade and Ashwin Kandoi in the picturesque town of Nashik, Winjit, gained its recognition as an engineering technology company and marked its presence in several other countries such as South Africa, U.S., U.K., and Singapore. From conceptualization and optimization to cultivating real-time results, Winjit caters all. Pacing up with current trends in technology, the core prowess of the company lies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain and Fintech, Internet of Things, and Product Engineering.

Source: Winjit Inc.