Why Invest in Kährs Wooden Flooring in Dubai?

How Kährs wooden flooring is not just about floors, but also a long-term investment for future generations.

Nordic Homeworx Wood Flooring In Dubai

Sweden's 160-year-old pride and joy, Kährs wooden flooring has long dominated the world as one of the most prominent wood flooring manufacturers out there. The pioneers of wood flooring have established a long-standing, unshakable reputation for more reasons than one. Today, Kährs is a highly popular option for wood flooring in Dubai as well, with Nordic Homeworx their sole distributor.

Since its inception, Kährs has always held three things in high value: timelessness, purity and conserving the environment. In a business like wood floor manufacturing, the last is a matter of utmost importance. In true Swedish style, the brand has consistently delivered exceptional standards of wood flooring products, one of the main reasons for its inimitable success. What is more impressive, is that they have done with particular care for the environment. Sweden's beautiful, sweeping landscapes are world-famous, and Kährs is well aware of its finite existence. As such, they have injected sustainability wherever possible, from ensuring waste wood is recycled and utilized for alternate purposes, to promoting tree planting projects within the company. Furthermore, they are partial to reducing the use of toxic chemicals as much as possible and are the first of their kind to introduce water-based lacquer as well as a mechanical joint system.

Kährs is also a great option if one may be hoping to install parquet flooring in Dubai, seeing as how they are inventors of the concept. Parquet flooring is in fact, a fun way to add a dash of character to any space, which Nordic Homeworx will be able to help with. The quality and durability of Kährs parquet floors are the same as their hardwood floors, so customers have a peace of mind.

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About Nordic Homeworx

Founded as a family business dating 150 years back in 1857, Kährs has built a reputation as the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation in southern Sweden, an area which is famed for its rugged beauty and scenic landscapes.

Of all the materials that are used for flooring, we find that wood has a certain appeal about it. It is classic, it is timeless, and it can soften an interior resulting in an earthy and rustic atmosphere. It exudes warmth and has a welcoming aura. Whether your house stands for 20 years or 150 years, wood never goes out of style. It will be as relevant today as it will be tomorrow and with Kährs, this timelessness is exemplified for we use only the best quality raw materials to craft your interiors. We are also proud of our movement on the development of parquet as a flooring style.

Source: Kährs

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