Be Unique Agency Voted Top Social Media Company in Dubai

By 'Design Awards,' Be Unique Agency has been voted top social media company in Dubai and won multiple clients from Fast Food Chain Leaders to Healthcare Giants and establishing a strong reputation for being top of their field.

Social Media Agency In Dubai

With social media marketing used by millions of businesses it is no surprise that everyone is fighting to be at the top of the game. Social media marketing has become a powerful tool taking the industry by storm. It has given all company sizes the opportunity to reach potential prospects. Businesses are interacting on social media using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to bring their brands remarkable success which drives leads and sales.

Facebook, in particular, keeps delivering higher than expected profits driven by a sharp increase in advertising. Recent research suggests that total revenue in 2016 jumped by a whopping 70 percent from the year before, making social media marketing the must-have strategy to get companies off the ground and bring it the visibility it deserves. This leads to the main talking point which is how today's businesses need a social media agency to become established online.

For customers to know a brand exists, the brand should be active. The best way to get a story heard is to go to a platform which already has a billion active users. If there is a brand story, it is time to get people interested in it. Social media is the brains that drive the strategy, constantly active, informing, changing and communicating. 

Be Unique Social Media Agency In Dubai understands no two companies are the same and looks at what works and what doesn't. Individual campaigns are created to suit the specific needs of each client where data is first analyzed and a social media marketing campaign is developed from scratch. At the same time, Be Unique also offers re-marketing old campaigns by adding new elements to make it stand out from a field of competitors.

The Agency has a diverse team of 40+ people from multiple backgrounds and cultures who each bring their skill, talent and creative thinking to every solution. Be Unique Agency has already won multiple clients from Fast Food Chain Leaders to Healthcare Giants and established a strong reputation for being top of their field. Businesses can expect exceptional social media strategies and outstanding customer support from Be Unique.

"We believe reputation in the marketing place is everything, we know that by providing exceptional service and the highest quality results we will grow automatically through referrals. That's why 90 percent of our clients are referral based. We are proud to be considered a leading social media agency in Dubai and thank our clients for our continuous growth across the Middle East," says Ali Soudi, Head Of Online Marketing.

About Us

A leading social media agency in Dubai with a goal to give your company a successful social media strategy, Be Unique Agency offers advance technologies and cutting edge services.

Our goal is to drive sales and leads in order to maximize profitability for our clients. We are specialists who like to keep the buzz of social media alive for all our clients, and we want to continue to take on the challenges facing businesses in today's digital age.

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