'Why I Tried to Die' Shares Author's Personal Story of Turning Trauma and Despair to Hope and Enlightenment

Why I Tried To Die is the author's personal story of overcoming a past framed by neglect and abuse

Throughout a lifetime wrought with trauma and despair, Lisa Kessler-Peters personifies resilience. Yet with the release of her memoir, Why I Tried to Die, she cements a much different legacy, one in which she uses her inspired storytelling to empower those who are struggling and educate those who encounter victims of neglect and abuse.

Why I Tried to Die is published by Mercy & Moxie, an imprint of Orison Publishers, Inc. and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers. The 128-page book follows Kessler-Peters through her life of chaos and calamity, with interspersed doses of inspiration via Bible verses and insights into how people suffering from trauma are treated by those in authority.

Kessler-Peters was born into a world of alcohol and drug abuse. The ensuing neglect by her parents led to her and her siblings being put into foster care and set the stage for years of bone-chilling strife. Along the way, she succumbed to substance abuse, incarceration and multiple suicide attempts. Yet when things were darkest, her faith led her forward to the person she was meant to be. Today, the author is a wife and mother, motivational speaker and mentor, and advocate for social justice. Why I Tried to Die takes readers along for her rocky and ultimately triumphant ride and leaves them cheering for her at each step forward.

“It’s important to put a face and a story to trauma and the hope that can come when it seems all hope should be gone. I wrote this book to show those who are suffering that there is a way out. I was once in their situation and didn’t realize there was a different life available to me,” said Kessler-Peters. “I also hope this book educates Christians, caretakers and professionals who have never experienced trauma about people who have, so they can better help them heal.”

The book is receiving rave reviews from lawmakers and law enforcement to leaders of ministries, churches and non-profits who have described the memoir as “redemptive,” “restorative,” and “riveting.”

Why I Tried to Die is published by Mercy & Moxie, an imprint of Orison Publishers, Inc. Founded in 2004, Orison specializes in Christian books and custom projects and has helped dozens of authors and other publishers bring their work to market. Why I Tried to Die is available in paperback ($11.95) and for Kindle ($4.99) at Amazon. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

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Source: Orison Publishers

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