White Label Programs Boost Brand Relevance and Simplify Travel on a Global Scale

Storing Multiple Currencies on Prepaid Cards is Necessary for Those Who Travel the World for Business or Recreation, Says Axiom Exec

Axiom white label cards boost global branding, simplify international travel

Last year, an estimated 1.4 billion people traveled internationally. That opens the doors wide to businesses looking to secure broad reach for their brand through the use of such marketing tools as white label prepaid travel cards. Yet, according to Steven Foster, CEO, Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH), global card programs can only reach their maximum effectiveness if local currencies and varying exchange rates are factored in.

APH is a global provider of digitally-driven, end-to-end payment solutions powered in large part by prepaid cards programs. It recently introduced its own White Label Program to help clients take advantage of the brand- and business-building opportunities of the fast-growing global prepaid cards market.

“White label” is the term given to products that are created by someone else but have the client’s name and logo on them. Axiom’s white label programs allow clients to create their own branded prepaid card programs for travel, to pay commissions, reward loyalty, and distribute compensation to their own customers, agents and affiliates while also offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional corporate payroll programs and investment advisory services. The cards are accepted worldwide via iOS and Android app or physical cards and can store up to eight currencies, including Euros, British pounds, Australian dollars, Japanese yen, Canadian dollars, Mexican peso, Swiss Franc and Polish ztoy.

“We live in a global economy and travel is an increasingly common occurrence for both business and leisure. A white label prepaid card that allows users to readily change between currencies while holding up a megaphone to their company’s brand is a win-win,” said Foster. “Our White Label Programs keep the travel needs of our clients top-of-mind with cards that allow users on-the-go to quickly, securely and easily make purchases, track and monitor card spend, and earn rewards – while realizing savings of up to 95 percent, as compared to local banks’ foreign exchange rates.”

Axiom’s White Label global travel cards automatically recognize and use the local currency and exchange rate for those stored on the card at ATMs or with merchants and are accepted at millions of locations across 210 countries and territories. The card can be loaded within the app or via the website; and fraud protection, SMS/email alerts and 24/7 help are standard.

“Everything we do is aimed at maximizing opportunities for our clients and simplifying the banking experience,” he added. “We make to be sure the card experience is smooth and the benefits are big for our users on a global scale.”

 Axiom’s founders have more than 60 years of banking experience and are focused on using digital tools to enhance the banking experience. For more information about Axiom Prepaid Financial LLC and its white-label, global prepaid card programs, go to axiompph.com or @axiompph on Facebook.

For media inquiries, contact: Erin Andrews, whitelabel@axiompph.com 

Source: Axiom Prepaid Holdings


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