What Exactly Is the ICat5 Online Content Management System?

Caltron recently released the MP-1080P, a network high definition digital signage player with synchronization capabilities. To accommodate this new player that has an android based platform, the online content management system had to be upgraded to function with the player. This new upgraded online content management system is ICat5

With most, if not all digital signage players, there needs to be some sort of software to manage the player smoothly, if it is a networkable player.  Most players will have their own software for the player to function and be controlled from a remote location, if possible.  Having an online management system makes it much easier for the user to control any player and update content as needed.

While not all digital signage players in the market are equipped to have online content management systems, there are those that can handle such software to exceed the rest of the players.  Having software that works is a very viable option, but it does not mean that the software is easy to use or will function properly. 

ICat5 was created to specifically function with the MP-1080P and MP-1080N high definition player.  This dynamic online cloud control management system allows the user to control the player from any remote location, as long as there is internet access.  The primary goal for ICat5 is to make it as user friendly as possible.  There is a unique design for the layout of ICat5 where all of the coding is preconfigured so that all pictures or content can just be dragged and dropped into.  There is no coding required by the user and the playlist is straightforward to use.  With a simple function that is put into place to guide the user through all the steps.  The ease of the function helps for users to be able to control and update their content easily, with minimal to no assistance. 

The essential layout of ICat5 is identical to that of ICat3 so the user layout is rather easy to use.  There are a variety of sections that are broken down into smaller ones to configure easily.  The sections then combine to create the playlist of the player and there are separate sections to upload content into, which makes it easier for the user to drag the files into the playlist and access content easily.  ICat5 is divided into four main sections, all of which have sub categories to easily distinguish each section.  This helps to create an easier user experience for the person or system integrator operating the online content management system. 

Having an online content management system is very similar to accessing the player via a connected location, but has more powerful capabilities because with the power to manage and update content anywhere through a remote location allows for quicker turnaround time and easier access to players at any location in the world.  This helps to create an easier experience for the customers and each user.  The user can readily access their client’s accounts and update or change settings as required.  With these simple features available, it allows for the user to manage a multitude of players at once and understand which players belong where through configuration setting in the software. 

ICat 5 is specifically designed with proprietary software to work only with Caltron’s net work signage players, the MP-1080P and MP-1080N.  It is unique in its ease of use and how well it can function with the network high definition digital signage players.  For consistent updates and information, please subscribe to our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/caltron-industries-inc-