19 Inch Open Frame LCD Monitors For Digital Signage Display

Digital signage display applications are constantly evolving and will often times require larger displays to project content to the audience and in this case, a 19 inch open frame LCD monitor.

Digital signage has progressed away from static images to other forms of advertisement to create a more dynamic form of advertising or way to project content to audiences whenever possible.  Signage applications started with small displays to advertise content to a specific target audience.  In specific applications, a smaller form factor display might be feasible, but with advertising and displays that want more human interaction and involvement, a larger display is usually needed to capture the attention of visitors from near and far. 

Digital signage applications that utilize larger screen displays will typically look for a screen that is large in size itself, but does not want to go to the extreme of customizing solutions, due to dramatically higher cost factors.  In most cases, it is easier to design in a standard screen size into an application versus designing an enclosure or application to fit customized screen displays. 

A perfect example of a larger standard screen size is the 19 inch open frame LCD monitor.  Any application that requires integration will typically use an open frame monitor versus disassembling a desktop monitor, as there are too many internal component changes with various models.  This is a big reason why integrators and designers will search for open frame monitors and in this case a 19 inch open frame monitor.

A great example of a digital signage display application would be store front displays.  To attract visitors, having a screen that is large enough to be integrated into a Kiosk or another type of enclosure is key to generating interest to customers passing by.  It is vital to have a reasonably sized display to be able to grab the attention of anyone that is within proximity of the display.   

A Photo booth is a great example of an interactive digital signage display application.  Using a 19 inch industrial monitor is an ideal size for any user to be able to view the contents of the screen without going overboard by using a display that is too large to fit within the confines of a reasonable size photo booth.  Many places of entertainment or video game arcades can have a photo booth for fun and while it is necessary to have a screen large enough for the user to see what is happening, it is also important to not go overboard with the display so that there is room for other arcade machines and with real estate limitations in the area, it is important to find an ideal size screen, like the 19 inch industrial monitor.

While the 19 inch open frame LCD monitor isn’t only limited to digital signage display applications, it can prove to be quite the perfect screen size for displaying proper content to visitors who visit the digital signage application that is using the display.  At one point or another, a larger screen size will be wanted for display and instead of sourcing a customized size to try and accommodate a particular display project, in most cases it is easier and more efficient to use a 19” industrial monitor to integrate into the solution or enclosure for digital signage.