MP-1080P HD Network Digital Signage Player With WiFi Option and Synchronization

Caltron introduces the MP-1080P, HD network digital signage player with WiFi and synchronization capabilities to accommodate the needs of video walls and digital signage applications.

With the digital signage market rapidly expanding, it is vital that Caltron is able to provide various types of media players to accommodate the various applications.  While it might be extreme to provide al all-in-one player that can meet the needs of every type of application, it is more practical to provide various types of players to suit each type of application.  Since providing an all-in-one player would be too extreme for any application, it is always a good idea to still introduce new players that would be capable of handling various projects and still stay within budget. 

With any digital signage application, a specific player is typically required and budget is always taken into consideration.  So, having a player with too many features can turn out to be more complicated than useful.  In most cases, a media player with too many features can get overwhelming and become too costly to fit into the budget with all of these extra unnecessary features that will likely never be used.

Caltron has released a myriad of digital signage players to accommodate the various needs of signage projects.  There is an understanding of players with too many features and too little features.  Each player is designed to cover a range of media applications.  With consistent research and study of the needs of the market trend for signage projects, players then get developed to meet the needs of each project with a few extra features added to allow for expansion of the project in the future.

For applications that uses video walls or requires video synchronization, Caltron introduces the MP-1080P, Network High Definition Digital Signage Player.  This player has the ability to play all HD files and has a video synchronization option to place synched videos or images, which can prove to be very useful for video walls or signage applications that require synched content.  With this player also comes an all online content management system, iCat5.  It is simple to control and can be remotely updated from any place. 

The MP-1080P can also function as a standalone player with text command files or files created through iCat5 and then saved onto the micro SD (TF) card or onto USB Flash drives.  This player can run the text files and play the order in which the file commands are designated to play.

As with any industrial digital media player that is offered by Caltron, this player is capable of running 24/7 for any application.  A special option that this player has that is new that it comes with a WiFi option for wireless use.