Caltron Announces Latest Open Frame Monitor Perfect for Information Display Applications

New 15.6 inch full hd widescreen open frame monitor and touchscreen displays available to industrial OEMs and System Integrators

The LWT-156O open frame monitor is the latest in open frame monitor technology from Caltron, Inc. The LWT-156O, along with its cousins the LWT-156OC and LWT-156OR, are the newest sets of open frame and touch open frame monitors intended for industrial usage from Caltron.

The LWT-156O is a perfect solution for information display purposes as it does not utilize touchscreen capabilities.  The latest introduction includes the very popular 12.1” screen size, with larger screen sizes preparing for production.

Industrial-level monitors are intended for outdoor and high-intensity usages. You can see industrial-level displays on things like ATM machines, which are made to handle heavy rain, snow and other bad weather without malfunctioning or breaking. Human Machine Interface applications depend on open-frame monitors that can be integrated into various devices and withstand harsh elements and frequent usage by various users without being damaged.

LWT-156O Open Frame Monitor Features

The LWT-156O line comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio that allows for wide viewing angles, suitable for public viewing applications. The display itself is spec’ed to run at 1366 x 768 resolution while using VGA and HDMI video interfaces to ensure compatibility with a maximum number of devices. Additionally, the display is LED-backlit allowing uniform light distribution across the screen, as opposed to jarring, edge-lit older models.

The LWT-156O line also pays close mind to the OSD (on-screen display), and supports multiple languages for rollouts in locations all around the globe.

LWT-156O Applications

The LWT-156O monitor line is focused on commercial and industrial applications. These applications include:

  • Kiosks and gaming machines, for news and entertainment.
  • ATM and vending machines, for finances and food.
  • Industrial equipment and medical equipment, for serious business performed by major industries.
  • And more, including aviation simulators.

The LWT-156O is very open-ended, so this means that its many features are available for modification by OEMs and system integrators. Some modifications include enable / disable usage of the touchscreen, and alternative I/O methods, including wheels, controllers and keyboards.

Other Caltron Touchscreen LWT-156O Models

The cousin of the LWT-156O open frame monitor model, the LWT156OC, provides multi-finger touch interface for interactive applications.  Users are able to control object display on the screen using multiple finger controls. The LWT-156OR version provides single-finger touch capability and provides a lower cost of system integration.

Who is Caltron?

Since 1997, Caltron, Inc. has been providing OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and system integrators with high quality open frame monitor technology. Caltron has also provided North American retailers and businesses monitors and displays suitable for the modern economy. Since the dawn of the new century, LCD displays have quickly taken over the market that used to be dominated by CRTS (tube monitors/TVs). Caltron was one of the business leaders at the front of the revolution that's allowed thinner, lighter, better displays through LCD technology.

Caltron's latest generation of open frame monitors come with a variety of options, including PCAP (projected capacitive) multi-touch or 5-wire resistive single touch displays. All of these displays come in a steady metal frame with an industry-proven, professional design that ensures backward and future compatibility for years to come.

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