WELBUY, an All-in-One Solution Supplier for Medium and Small Purchasing

​​Welbuy, a new business service model, has been officially put into use. It is considered as a breakthrough for small purchasing. According to the strategic policy of Welfull Ourtdoors, a leading outdoor company based in Hangzhou, Welbuy is designed to be an all-in-one solution supplier for global small buyers.

How is Welbuy defined?

A new model is always developed with confusion and misreading. To make Welbuy be accurately understood, We  give it a clarification: It is a new and independent platform lets small buyers piggyback big companies’ orders. Welfull offers the service of large purchasing, and also invites and encourages medium and small buyers to add on.

What is the core competency of Welbuy?

Traditionally, the small buyers easily encounter purchasing bottleneck. The manufacturers want big orders before they ramp up production, and that gives an edge to big retail chains and wholesalers over small buyers who can’t meet minimum order requirements. Even though the small buyers can find the factory cooperators, the costs of manufacturing and transportation, and the quality of products can't be controlled. It undoubtedly adds the uncertainty and uncontrollability to the purchasing operation. A big business risk is unavoidable.

Under such circumstances, how to break the bottleneck of industry has been written on the daily agenda of many outdoor product suppliers. Welfull Outdoors is a typical representative. There is no any effective solution until the emergence of Welbuy. Many insiders think that it touches the sore spot of the business and makes up the short slab of the industry, and meanwhile endows the outdoor industry more strong points. What is the core value and unbeatable competency ? Let us list them hereinafter:

Firstly, a different service concept. Welbuy is never standardized by the quantities of order and the size of the purchasing companies. It equally serves all the buyers who want to add a small amount onto a big purchasing deal. There is no discrimination. According to a marketing data released by Welfull Outdoors, approximately 80% of Welbuy's buyers are small or mid-sized companies, and 60% of them are from Europe and North America. That is why Welbuy is designed. 

Secondly, the given price lower to the wholesale price. Thanks to the abundant resource accesses and great brand popularity, Welfull Outdoors is capable of bearing the price-cost margin between the bigger order and smaller order. In addition, a given price for the small-order purchasing will be near to a wholesale price. This is a special treatment given to the small buyers.  

Thirdly, a higher quality guarantee and a smaller order quantity. Welbuy is a core product issued by Welfull Outdoors, and it mirrors a greater advantage that Welfull Outdoors has in the realms of  the supply chain resources, factory and manufacturing channels. The quality of goods is absolutely guaranteed on the Welbuy, which will greatly benefit all the clients. Furthermore, Welbuy has an unbeatable advantage in MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The MOQ of all the listed products on the Welbuy are entirely lower than that in the wholesaling industry. Some goods even accept a min. order quantity from 1 piece.  

Additionally, Welbuy playing a role of wind indicator to monitor the market change. Through an accurate deal and data analysis, small buyers can catch all the message released from big buyers' business activities on the Welbuy, and then they can instantly predict some changes of destination markets. It is good for small buyers to adjust their marketing policy. 

How is it developed currently?  

By the end of March, 2016, there have been hundreds of products available on the Welbuy, and thousands of buyers have joined in the platform, and the sum of the deals has reached approximately one million US dollars. All of these have witnessed a huge market potentiality of such a business model.

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