Current Global Sourcing Difficult for Your Small Business? Welfulloutdoors Shows How to Find a Breakthrough

According to the OIA (Outdoor Industry Association) research: In 2015, more than 50% of Americans at least took part in one outdoor activity, and the data continues to rise in 2016. There is a good market prospective for the outdoor industry.

Most Americans are enthusiastic about outdoor activities. They are willing to buy good quality outdoor products and clothing like tents, fishing gears, hiking clothes, etc. According to the survey, China is one of the largest country to export outdoor gears to America.

There are 3 kinds of procurement channels for foreign buyers to purchasing outdoor gears from China.

Search Engine

Usually, foreign buyers can find Chinese outdoor gears suppliers via search engine, and according to the quantity of product detail information on the website to decide whether they should send an inquiry.

In this situation, buyers need to verify whether a supplier is in fact exists and is what it claims to be. Buyers need to know whether the supplier has the necessary production capability, certificates, and communication & technology skills to satisfied the expectations.

For example, search "outdoor products supplier China" on google, it comes out to 13,600,000 results. It is a big search result and proves to be hard work to find a suitable supplier.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair is the biggest export show in China and held twice a year in Guangdong province. Buyers can check the sample and verify supplier's certificates in Canton Fair. However there are so many high-quality suppliers which didn't have the chance to take part in. And as for small buyers, they can't afford high transportation cost and personal cost to participant in Canton Fair.


Thousands of suppliers are listed on Alibaba include many high-quality suppliers. But be aware that, if the order quantity can't meet their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ,it will be ignored. This is a purchasing threshold for small buyers without doubt.

From above all, it's difficult for small buyers to verify the supplier, lower purchasing cost, and place an small quantity order with a suitable prices.

In order to solve this problem, Welfull Group, which is one of the biggest export company with over 23 years experience in Zhejiang will start a small quantity sales (SQS) service on it's online outdoors wholesale platform ( This small quantity sales (SQS) service is named as Welbuy.

Welbuy is a small quantity sales (SQS) service, it supports buyer to place an additional quantity order from standard quantity order which will be produced. Both of additional quantity orders and standard quantity orders are the same batch. It will be producing and shipping at the same time. Other trading details are similar to traditional international trade. Even a small quantity order almost have the wholesale price for standard quantity order. It will reduce the purchasing cost and improve purchasing efficiency.This means small buyers can share the same supplier with Coleman, basspro, rei.

Welbuy will be starting an online outdoors equipment wholesale platform (welfulloutdoors). This is a good news for the small buyers. If you want to learn more, please contact

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