A New Service for Small Orders; Helping International Buyers Buy Small Quantities at Around Wholesale Prices

WelfullOutdoors, one of the largest outdoor gears exporters in China, has launched its new product services – WELBUY.

According to General Manager Jacky of WelfullOutdoors, "Welbuy is our original concept when it comes to product services, which supports your preference whether it is a massive or a small scale order."

In order to get a deeper understanding of WELBUY, an interview with Welfull Outdoors Executive Chairman Alan was conducted and he pointed out that, " WELBUY is a service for small quantity sales, helping you buy with small scale at almost wholesale prices. It supports buyers to place additional small orders to original order which is about to be produced. Additional orders and the original order are produced together but shipped separately according to your instruction. Other operating details are same as traditional way of international trade. It reduces the purchasing cost and improves purchasing efficiency significantly."

The director of WelfullOutdoors operation division Byron believes that WELBUY is good news for international buyers, because it is belief that this is what is missing in this market. “We believe that we will do best in outdoor international business, because of our own professional operation team and experienced technical design team. Most importantly, we are the first one to develop WELBUY business."


WELBUY is a service for small quantity sales and helps international buyers to order small orders at almost wholesale prices. All products are made by the qualified factories who serve the customers from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc. Payment accepted include: Paypal, West Union and Bank payment. All orders are operated on WelfullOutdoors.

About Welfull Outdoors:

Since 1993, Welfull Outdoors has been managing the production and wholesale of outdoor products from over 50 associated factories, for over 23 years!

Welfull Outdoors has its own professional and experienced technical design team. Whether it’s a product, a tag, a logo, a label or even packaging, they can meet your personalized requirements. At the moment, this service is for existing customers only.

Welfull Outdoors provides you with the reliability and value you expect when sourcing from China. In2014, Welfull Outdoor achieved exports valued over USD 300 million.

Welfull Outdoors-Your fully integrated and global outdoor products sourcing partner.

About Hangzhou Welfull Outdoors Technology CO.,LTD.

Welfulloutdoors specialize in outdoor products trading business and services, bridge the gap between global buyers and quality Chinese suppliers, serve for outdoors amateur.

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