WeeTect Introduces a Permanent Anti-Fog Film for Goggles

WeeTect's new anti-fog film for goggles is now available for resellers and products distributors. It becomes one of those companies to pioneer and tests a permanent anti-fog solution for goggles.

WeeTect’s new anti-fog film for goggles is now available for resellers and products distributors. It becomes one of those companies to pioneer and tests a permanent anti-fog solution for goggles.

Speaking at the company’s headquarters this morning, Taylors Lei, WeeTect product manager reiterated the need to product the ECE, ISO and ASTM test standards. This new anti-fog solution is manufactured as per the following test standards:

1. Haze property – ASTM D 1003

2. Light diffusion – EN 1674

3. Mechanical properties – ASTM D882

4. Fog resistance property – EN 168.16

WeeTect anti-fog film (WAFF) for goggles is manufactured from a soft plastic with permanent anti-fog ingredients. This eliminates fogging brought about by a temperature difference between inner and outer surface of goggles. It is one of the best anti-fog solutions in the market.

The film has high tensile and impact resistance properties. Therefore, goggles with this film are stronger than those without. Such goggles are highly recommended for industrial applications.

Properties of anti-fog film for goggles

This is an eco-friendly and cost effective way to eliminate fog. It is not the first time WeeTect is investing in such anti-fog films.

According to WeeTect R&D team, fogging is due to two main factors:

1. Materials used to manufacture goggles are not inherently fog resistant.

2. Lack of air flow around goggles is in use.

“Our R&D team opted for anti-fog film manufactured from a soft and impact resistant material since goggles are mainly used in low to moderate moisture environments. This makes it a cheaper option as compared to other anti-fog films in the industry,” said Taylors Lei, WeeTect product manager. “An effective and reliable is an integral part of safety standards as required by ANSI and OSH standards for products that are sold in North America and Europe.”

WeeTect anti-fog film uses an eco-friendly technology to prevent fogging. According to laboratory test results published by WeeTect R&D team, goggles with this anti-fog film have the following key benefits:

1. A better anti-fog performance (>100s)

2. Goggles can be used in both hot and cold environments.

3. Enhanced anti-aging performance

4. Outstanding optical clarity

5. High tensile and elongation strength

As the main manufacturer and supplier of anti-fog film for OEM and ODM, WeeTect quality assurance team strives to maintain high quality testing standards. All anti-fog solutions meet the minimum requirements by OSHA and ANSI guidelines.

Based on feedback WeeTect team gets from product resellers and distributors, the company has progressively improved on performance and reliability of all anti-fog films. So far, these are the only films with long service life.

About WeeTect Material Limited

WeeTect Material Limited’s mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993. It is a premier manufacturer of a number of permanent anti-fog solutions. The company manufactures a number of safety gears such as helmet visors, face shields and motorcycle helmet visors, amongst others. WeeTect has unveiled different anti-fog solutions for foggy lens, speedometers, instrument cluster and IP cameras.


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