WeeTect Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch Coated Polycarbonate Sheet Passes the ANSI Quality Standards

anti fog anti scratch polycarbonate sheet

​We are pleased to announce that our WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WAFASPCS) has passed the ANSI Z87.1 eye protection test. Our OEM clients and product resellers/distributors in the U.S.A. are free to place their orders for the WAFASPCS.

WeeTect wishes to assure workers that their safety is 100% guaranteed and there should be no panic about the possibility of fogging or scratches. It is because all our products comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for eye protection,” said Taylor Lei, WeeTect product manager. “The inspection process and quality evaluation will be a continuous process. Our quality assurance team will work closely with independent laboratories to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process.”

About ANSI Z87.1 standard

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has been collaborating with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure all safety products adhere to set standards.

ANSI standards mainly focus on choosing the right safety gear based on the hazards workers encounter. This is a reason we have introduced the WAFASPCS. It solves all these issues. That is:

1. Fogging - they are made from hydrophilic ingredients that have a high affinity for water. As a result, water droplets form a very thin film that is transparent. Thus, one can see clearly without any distortion.

2. Scratches - WeeTect anti-scratch coating is manufactured from quality material that has passed all the vital tests (Bayer, Taber, steel wool, erase and tumble tests). This makes them to offer superior protection.

3. Anti-UV - the anti-scratch coating can be consolidated with anti-UV substrates. Therefore, it filters out all UV radiations that are harmful to the eye.

4. Anti-glare - it eliminates all unnecessary reflections

5. Anti-graffiti - no fingerprints remain on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet.

According to the ANSI safety standards, all WAFASPCS will have a marking - “Z87”. This will be alongside other marks such as:

Impact vs. non-impact protection

WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WAFASPCS) has passed high mass velocity test. For this reason, they are marked “Z87+”.

Chemical splash and dust protection

All our WAFASPCS will be marked with letter “D”. This is as per the ANSI Z87.1 requirements. Addition marking on chemical splash and dust protection is:


Nature of dust/chemical splash                  ASTM Mark

Droplet (splash) or dust protection              D3

Dust protection                                                D4

Fine dust protection                                        D5

Optical radiation protection

All our WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WAFASPCS) have been tested and verified to protect users from a number of radiations. They are denoted using a letter and number as indicated below:

Type of radiation                              ANSI Marking

Welding filter                       “W” followed by a number between 1.3 and 14

Ultra-violet filter                  “U” followed by number between 2 and 6

Infra-red filter                      “R” followed by a between 1.3 and 10

Visible light filter                  “L” followed by a number between 1.3 to 10

Clear lens                              No marking

Variable  tint                            “V”

Special purpose                      “S”

This implies, when you buy a face shield manufactured from WAFASPCS and it has a marking such as “ANSI Z87 + L8D3D4”; this implies dual purpose safety gear. This implies the face shield:

1. Impacted-rated eye protection

2. Reduces glare

3. Offers protection against droplets and dust.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about safety with and product manufactured from WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WAFASPCS).

About WeeTect Material Limited

WeeTect Material Limited’s mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993. The company has invested in a number of safety gears and anti-fog solutions. By 1998, they had delivered their first 1 million visors besides investing $3 million for a military face shield. WeeTect unveiled different anti-fog solutions for foggy lens, speedometers, instrument cluster and IP cameras.


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