WayKen Releases Rapid CNC Prototyping and Aluminum Milling Machine

CNC machining and aluminum milling: WayKen is always dedicated to providing CNC aluminum machining services for each client all over the world, with the lastest CNC prototyping and aluminum milling machine.

WayKen Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

WayKen Rapid Manufacturing Limited today, releases their first CNC prototyping and aluminum milling machine. WayKen has been working rigorously to ensure her clients get the most fascinating and accurate CNC machines and they have just achieved that. Both the CNC and aluminum milling machines have been reported as ready and fully functioning.

The CNC machine which runs on a 5-axis and 3-axis basis is taking a new turn as it is like a wave in the technology market. The 5-axis machine significantly increases the range and rate of possibilities of manufacturing parts in various shapes and sizes. A 5-axis CNC milling machine can also perform high-precision machining and milling of more complex components that will help meet the most difficult manufacturing challenges. The machine must possess higher accuracy and outstanding surface finishing abilities which aids in improving overall part quality. Not only will the 5-axis machine deliver accurately, the 3-axis also delivers outstanding finishes for less efficient machines, thereby making the machines top-notch.


In addition, today WayKen will be presenting an EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) used to aid the removal of components from the surface of the job piece by electrical discharges which include erosive processes. It’s largely used in aluminum component machining as an auxiliary machining process and that has made it one of the important criteria in CNC machining building. Since a number of complex components can be gotten from the use of the EDM only.

Components which are characterized with deep structure are difficult to remove from the corners. Because of this, WayKen uses CNC machines, which leave a big radius at the corners. By making maximum use of the EDM process, it is possible to keep the sharp edge. The EDM has been simplified in that some applications which include Blind Cavities (key ways), Intricate Details, Sharp Corners, Fine Surface Finishes, Thin Walls, and so on can be used with it.


Since most of the processes involved in machine prototyping are time-consuming and expensive, low-volume machining is adopted to save money and time on complex 3D components compared to production by other methods like molding or casting when the quantities are less than casting but more than the prototype. Low volume machining gives manufacturers in automotive, medical or healthcare production sectors the ability to produce high-quality machines at a cheaper rate and thus, able to deliver products earlier than scheduled.


High accuracy CNC aluminum machining will allow milling to achieve a high tolerance. With a high-speed 3-axis and 5-axis vertical CNC machining center, WayKen’s in-depth knowledge and vast experience help us achieve an undoubted tolerance which aims at getting aluminum components out on schedule. Besides, we have developed an accurate, efficient and cost-effective machine that produces superior products. Wayken CNC machines have been designed and programmed to work with compatible software to make machining easier to use. It will surprise that the aluminum milling machines can be connected to gadgets as much of the software has been installed on it. Any special needs which include welding, EDM or wire EDM processes have been simplified in a step by step instruction barcode that can be scanned and installed on your gadget through a receptor software. This advanced validation ensures you get the most efficient machining processes.

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The prototype for the machine is intended to provide production customers with the CNC functions in a standard stage near the required volume production status. The design of the machine is therefore for advanced importance alone. The prototype is currently being tested with numerous machine tool types in a concise and cultured environment. However, at the same time, the machine is also being added to the archive of advanced prototype machines at WayKen rapid manufacturing limited. This machining center stands as a platform for modernized and digitalized products in the prototype machining sector.





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