Rapid Manufacturing Company, WayKen, Acquires a New 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine

No matter what, from machined prototypes to parts production, WayKen can do flexible machining with their advanced 5-axis milling machine.

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​WayKen Rapid Manufacturing is a top prototype manufacturing company in China that also offers CNC milling services. It is popular for its level of expertise in incorporating different procedures to produce quality parts. 5-Axis CNC machining is one of the methods used by the company in the production of complex parts. It is all about using a computer numerical control, or CNC, in moving a tool or cutting parts across five different axes concurrently.  WayKen is the best CNC machine shop in China that produces 5-axis CNC aluminum parts.

The company is taking different steps to ensure there is increased productivity in CNC milling parts and the production of goods to guarantee customer satisfaction. Their latest acquisition of a new 5-Axis CNC machine will help improve their processes and make them maintain the mantle of the top company doing CNC milling in China. WayKen followed all of the necessary procedures in the process of acquiring their new milling machine. One of the things they had to factor in is their project requirements. The number of parts to be produced by the machine is one of the things that was considered.

Growth witnessed over recent years in the company, and more than was expected, is another reason WayKen thought it best to get another machine that will help in the production of more parts. The size of the materials and components to be manufactured was another consideration made by the company before getting the new 5-Axis CNC machine. A machine that can produce parts of different shapes and sizes is what they considered best. Price is something they also looked into when getting this new machine. Clients looking for a good CNC machine shop in China should choose WayKen because they have the best equipment.

How the Newly Acquired 5-Axis CNC Machine Will Benefit WayKen

WayKen stands to benefit a lot from its latest acquisition and will also maintain its spot as a top company offering CNC machining in China. Here is how the newly acquired 5-Axis CNC machine will benefit the company.

Improved Accuracy

The accuracy of the finished parts plays a crucial role in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 5-axis machining helps to make parts that have a quality finish and the desired levels of accuracy. Bringing in the new machine to the company will help ensure that more accurate parts are produced.

Reduced Costs

Minimal wastage is experienced in 5-Axis CNC machining because of the increased levels of accuracy and efficiency. The tooling costs are also lower because very few hours are used in the process. The procedure helps to ensure that a particular material is entirely used in the production of finished parts. The newly acquired 5-Axis CNC machine by WayKen will help reduce production costs and turnaround time.

Creation of Complex Shapes

Coming up with complex shapes is usually difficult when using other types of machines. It is hard to create complex shapes when using a two-dimensional or three-dimension machine. A five-axis machine is capable of producing complex shapes vital for increased productivity. WayKen will enjoy the benefit of being able to create more complex parts, thanks to the newly acquired 5-Axis CNC milling machine.

Improved Surface Finish

The 5-Axis CNC machine is also capable of bringing out products with a quality surface finish. Some of the axes in this machine can be adjusted to bring the part closer to the cutting equipment, which is vital in producing a quality surface finish. This is only possible with the 5-Axis machine. WayKen is now guaranteed to make more parts that have a quality surface finish, thanks to the recently bought 5-Axis CNC machine.

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