Wayken Rapid Manufacturing Limited Has Just Announced the Release of the Various Methods to Overmolding

Wayken highlights the positive development for their injection molding crafts include overmolding and two-shot injection molding, which can help their customers to realize the prototype manufacturing of small batch in the product development stage for 2K over molding parts.

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Currently, overmolding, as it stands, is one of the most advanced and rampant injection methods, providing important and useful ways which include enabling new design options for the manufacturing of the different product. For industries that significantly produce 2k molding products such as automobiles, hand tools, home appliances, pen making, and other commodities, this method is specifically for them. It has been announced to save cost and maximizes profit at the same time, providing a top-notch quality product due to the varying advantages it has.

Talking to one of the representatives of the company, Founder Raymond said, “Injection overmolding method and scope is very straightforward and simple and it is mainly to add beauty to the physical appearance of consumer’s product, it can also be used to improve the consumer’s product functionality which may include, making the product softer, lasting grip and for the improvement of chemical resistance. It has various technology uses,”

Two shot molding and 2k overmolding processes:

The various methods the machines work on as proposed by the manufacturer are in the production of the 2k overmolding (two colors) and on the 2K machine by jumping to another note in the corresponding plastic mold cavity. The component is used as an insert injection on another component to form an integration of a double material component. The Injection molding machine can be manufactured either as a double cavity mold or double cylinder mold, and the scope of the injection molding course is releasing two special types of material products at the same production time.

Another principle of this method is in the production of the two-shot injection molding. This includes making the material component on an injection molding machine and this material component is mostly used as an insert into another molded component which can then be used to inject the other material.

The Two methods of bonding of materials of overmolding include:

Physical method: Surface tapping, surface roll, and buckle design are carried out to achieve a packaging molding method (cover). The main property of bonding materials using this method is that there’s a strong adhesion inside the joint part and a little adhesion outside the joint part.

Chemical method: This is the bonding of the required materials using the various molecular affinity that exist between the two materials and also by taking into consideration the bond strength of chemicals to form a single or two or more parts.

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Some of the advantages users stand to gain include the following;

1) The 2K molding is much better compared to that of the two-shot molding effect.

2) It also helps users to choose a higher feed melting point as far as possible within the available range of TPE components; otherwise, it would not have been enough to supply much heat to the material.

3) During the process of overmolding of the second shot, the mold cavity of the rigid plastic will possess better and also makes use of high mold temperature strength to supply heat a large amount of energy.

4) In the second step involved in overmolding, TPE melt will be ejected with a very high shooting speed as swift as possible, under the zone of no TPE flying above the edge.



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