Walk Through Metal Detector Receives Patent for New Design

Metal Defender Receives Patent for First New Design In Walk Through Detection in 50 years.

Metal Defender XLD-H1

​​​​​Metal Defender Walk Through Metal Detectors has recently received Patent D867,192,S for the innovative design. The new design advances Walk Through Metal Detectors' design for the first time in over 50 years.  The new design accomplishes three major advancements. 

First, the passageway is adjustable. The two opposing uprights can be placed between 28 to 46 inches. All current standard Walk Through Metal Detectors have a fixed width, typically between 28 and 32 inches. So this new design can replace any of the old designed models, as well as expand to 42 inches. The wider passage allows for wheelchair accessibility and even allows for two patrons or customers to pass at the same time. They have been in good use at hospitals to allow access for gurneys and patients. This wider passage expedites the screening process and allows a parent to pass through with their child or elderly parent. 

Secondly, the design improvement allows for ease of portability.​
​The units can be easily set up and relocated for storage with a dolly or cart. Each upright weighs only 70 lb vs.  240 lb for a standard walk through metal detector.  Also, there is no need for assembly or expensive roller/caster devices. They also take up much less space when in storage. This is for locations or venues that need them for events and don't need them other times. And, of course, they can be installed permanently if needed. 

Thirdly, the cosmetic and aesthetic design appeal are major benefits of the design. They are not bulky structures that you pass through with an intimidating overhead and narrow passage. According to Billy Kopca, Product Development Technician at Metal Defender, they are "Walk by Metal Detectors." "You don't feel like your entering a Prison or Courthouse." He went on to say, "They are perfect for retail locations, schools, libraries, sports venues, anywhere that you want to keep the public safe, but discretely."

Screening is still required, to remove all metal objects that are to be targeted. The system has five precise detection zones from head to foot and 200 sensitivity adjustments for precise, customized detection. So while being design-friendly, they are accurate and reliable. The adjustment process is simple and easy. Metal Defender will also have pre-programmed units upon request, make site visits or customize any plan or implementation you have. 

Additionally, Metal Defender has just announced a 33% price reduction. According to Donny Sweeney, Sales Manager, "We want security to be affordable and discrete."

Media/Press Contact
​Shannon Cotto
​Metal Defender, Customer Satisfaction Manager

Source: Metal Defender

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