Metal Defender Provides Security at Berkshire Hathaway Meeting, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in Attendance

Setup Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

Metal Defender Inc. has been providing security products and equipment for half a decade to a variety of large events, ranging from The Obama Foundation in which Barack Obama was present to Lyndard Skynard concerts, and even state fairs. Metal Defender is constantly striving to give consumers and equipment renters great products and remarkable service shown in the way they conduct their work.

Metal Defender Inc. provided security for a Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting held at Regency Omaha Shopping Center May 4, 5 and 6. Two technicians in conjunction with Clark Security managed over 18,000 people over the course of three days to ensure that patrons were able to enter the facility in a timely manner. Eleven metal detectors were installed to make sure that all four entrances were covered and a fence was put up as well to make sure that there were no other entry points or ways around the security checkpoints. The security was generally well-received with many patrons thanking staff for providing a welcoming environment.

You far exceeded our expectations. Metal Defender will be our 'Go-To' for any future requirements.

Mike Noyes, Director of Security for Borsheim's

The two-person team of technicians arrived the day before the event started on Thursday, May 3, to install 11 units under the canopies provided. On May 4, the technicians arrived at 4:30 a.m. to calibrate all 11 units and make sure they were fully functional. The technicians also stayed on site until 10:30 p.m. to troubleshoot any issues that may have arisen and to provide further fine-tuning based on the objects patrons were bringing to the event. One such object that required fine-tuning was smartwatches. Due to the electromagnetic signals that come from a smartwatch, it caused an alarm more often than not. Metal Defender techs then adjusted the settings of the walk-through metal detectors to compensate for the fact that 80 percent of the patrons were wearing smartwatches. Adjustments like this are why Mike Noyes, the director of security for Borsheim’s, had this to say: “You far exceeded our expectations. Metal Defender will be our 'Go-To' for any future requirements.”

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates arrived mid-day Sunday afternoon to do a meet-and-greet with shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. With a combined net worth of $177 billion, they had their own private security. Working with Metal Defender, they were able to ensure that their security would get them into the venue in a quick and efficient manner, which is required with people of their affluence. When asked about the event, Metal Defender stated, “We are extremely grateful to be given this unique opportunity and appreciate the consideration of Borsheim’s to host us at such an exclusive event. It’s surreal the kind of people you meet and the things you see in this industry, but we’re just happy that we can provide everyone with the peace of mind they require.”

Being contacted on short notice, Metal Defender rose to the occasion and got all the products ready for the event. Running into minor inconveniences is common with bigger rentals such as these but the technicians experienced no setbacks and were able to implement the walk-through metal detectors flawlessly. Security is important in the present because it provides security for a future.

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Source: Metal Defender

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