Metal Defender Provides Metal Detectors for NBA ALL Star Weekend

Metal Defender Setting Up Walk Through Metal Detectors For NBA Legengss Brunch.

​​​For the first time since 1988, NBA All-Star weekend took place in Chicago holding events all over the City from Feb 12-16th. Many events outside of the game take place around the Windy City including Basketball Without Borders and the highly anticipated 21st annual NBA Legends Brunch. Security is always a top priority at any event and underlying some of the events through All-Star weekend was Metal Defender Walk Through Metal Detectors. Metal Defender Walk Through units were used during the weekend including prior to entry at the NBA Legends Brunch. This included speeches from Scottie Pippen, Kenny Johnson, and David Stern all paying tribute to the passings of NBA Legends.

There were 16 Units setup prior to the events happening that provided the NBA staff and security a reliable screening process into the Sky Room Ball Room at the McCormick Place. Ra'Jah Welcome, the Procurement and Contract Compliance Manager at AGB Investigative Services, had this to say about Metal Defender Walk Through Units, "We've used Metal Defender Walk Through Units for several of our big projects we've had in the past. From securing President Obama’s event to the NBA All-Star event(s), Metal Defender has always delivered on time, equipment has always been efficient and they were able to scale on demand with our clients’ needs. We thank them for being one of our trusted vendors we use for our security equipment requests. We hope to continue this partnership and look forward to more big events in the future."

“Being a small local company with an opportunity to work such a significant occasion meant a lot to me personally. Being a fan of the game since I was a little kid, I remember playing outside wanting to be the next Kobe Bryant. I take all jobs very seriously but this one was a little more special,” says Donny Sweeney, General Manager of Metal Defender.

Additionally, Metal Defender earlier this year announced they received the first patent in over 50 years for a new innovative less intrusive walk through. Patents, rentals, and increased sales have positioned Metal Defender to have another successful year. “Sales have increased year after year and this year is off to a great start. I believe our customer service is one of a kind. We work day in and day out to assist customers with their every need. Our work ethic is swift and reliable, and more companies will begin to notice” says Billy Kopca, Technical support for Metal Defender.

Metal Defender list of recent events:

Obama Foundation

Kelly Clarkson and Sugarland.

Warren Buffet & Bill Gates at the Annual Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

Nebraska State Fair

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Joan Jett/Journey and many other concerts

US Cellular Arena

NBA Exhibition Games

NBA Basketball Without Borders

And many more

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Source: Metal Defender