Wake Up to Your Child's Unhealthy Sleep Habits-in Time to Fix It!

On June 23-25, 2016 in Orlando, doctors from around the area will learn how to solve children's unhealthy sleep habits by treating the root cause of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) at an early age before they become lifelong.

Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO discussing the airway

World Changer, Dr. Earl Bergersen Lectures in Orlando to Orthodontists, Dentists and their staff on the Healthy Start treatment which educates, evaluates and treats young children who present with Sleep Disordered Breathing symptoms. 

For 50 years Bergersen has blazed a radical path in the early treatment of both health and orthodontic conditions in over 3 million treated cases worldwide.  Technology and social media is now reaching parents directly to educate them on the debilitating effects of Sleep Disorder Breathing and how the HealthyStart™️ treatment can provide a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, natural, pain free, and permanent solution to addressing the root cause of Sleep Disordered Breathing by opening a child's airway, address habits, and straightening teeth without braces all while improving the quality of health throughout a child's life.  


June 23-25, 2016

Lecture Thu-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm
Sat Patient Clinical 9am. – 1pm

Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel
5445 Forbes Pl.
Orlando, Florida 32812

Sleep Disordered Breathing, SDB, is the term given to problematic breathing patterns, poor tongue placement while sleeping, and the underdeveloped jaw.  Symptoms resulting from these conditions include mouth breathing, snoring, bed-wetting, speech issues and a host of other symptoms impacting a child's health.  Dentists and Orthodontists can now intervene with a series of oral appliances to treat the root cause of the SDB symptoms at an early age before they become en-grained and lifelong. 

En-grained habits, both good and bad, produce foreseeable consequences.  The western lifestyle of busy households has created a diet for our children consisting of soft processed foods, increased bottle feeding over breast feeding and the use of pacifiers is all contributing and impacting the development of the oral cavity, habitual placement and function of the tongue, and creating a restricted airway.  With compliance when started early, the HealthyStart™️ consists of advanced patented orthopedic and orthodontic devices which address these poor habits, instill proper habits, encourage the proper development of the jaw while correcting the jaw relationship and as nature intended, straightening teeth without braces achieving permanent results.  

An ounce of prevention.  The key is identifying Sleep Disordered Breathing symptoms early and utilizing the child's natural growth phase.  The vast majority of children, 9 out of 10, display some degree of over two dozen symptoms of SDB.  Parents may be confused and often, so are their doctors.  Sleep deprivation produces behavior that looks just like that of ADD and ADHD and may lead to medications being prescribed before SDB is ruled out. Before assigning labels to a child’s behavior or allowing habitual patterns to en-grain, HealthyStart™️ treatment can physically replace these bad habits with a healthier life habit and uses orthopedic forces to correct the orthodontic condition.  To miss this window of opportunity greatly limits effective solutions for older patients, providing them only band-aids instead of permanent solutions in relieving serious health conditions linked to SDB.

Healthy Start™️is a division of OrthoTain.  Appliances are soft, removable, patented, FDA Approved and made with silicone free, latex free, and PBA free materials.  Worn mainly at night while sleeping, appliances help guide the oral growth and development of the dentition and airway while straightening teeth without braces and little or no relapse.  This lecture series brings critical training and clinical education to Pediatricians, ENT's, Dentists and Orthodontists who desire to offer a holistic, preventative, drug free, pain free and permanent solution which focuses on children ranging in age from 2 to pre-teen. 

Learn more at www.TheHealthyStart.com. There is still time to register for the Orlando Lecture and Clinical Training June 23-25th or in Orange County July 21-23rd.  Call to register or find a provider near you at 844-Kid-Healthy.

Speakers in Orlando:

Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO
Dr. Jill Ombrello, DDS, Member US Dental Institute
and introducing Dr. Diana Batoon, DDS

Contact for Interviews:  

CEO, Leslie Stevens 847-921-2982
Kathie Turner 832-880-3165

Source: HealthyStart™️ Orlando

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