Vodi's eGift Cards Make Holiday Shopping Easy

The hot new over-the-top messaging app offers eGift cards that are perfect for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the winter holidays.

Vodi eGift Cards

​​​Vodi, the new texting and calling app with a suite of cool additional features, is quickly carving out a place for itself in the over-the-top (OTT) messaging market. One of the biggest reasons it’s been able to make its name quickly is its eGift card store, which lets users easily and instantly send electronic gift cards to friends and family and is perfect for users looking to simplify and enrich their Black Friday, Cyber Monday and winter holiday shopping experience.

The power of this functionality is difficult to overstate—eGifts are the fastest-growing subset of the $120 billion-plus gift card industry, having grown from $5 billion to $6 billion from 2013 to 2014 and predicted to reach $14 billion by 2017, according to a December 2014 CEB press release. What’s more, a 2016 GiftCardGranny.com article reported that 56% of consumers prefer to keep gift cards stored digitally on their phone, and that percentage rises to 74% among the 18- to 24-year-old segment.

Vodi lets users surprise friends and family members this holiday season with eGift cards from their favorite brands as part of a text conversation, all while enjoying the convenience of shopping from a mobile phone—and they never have to leave their messaging app!

Of course, the relevance of eGifts only grows around the holidays, when consumers are shorter on time and may want to avoid shipping costs and delays. According to CardCash.com, gift cards of both physical and digital varieties account for more than 18% of all holiday purchases, and eGift cards take an increasingly larger portion of that share as the season progresses. Digital over plastic is becoming the norm for last-minute purchases, with 67 percent of gift card purchases made online in December 2014 being of the digital variety, according to a March 2015 InComm press release.

Shopping Smarter

With 80-plus popular brands available in Vodi’s eGift card store, and many of them offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, the applications of the service are limitless. Names like AMC Theatres, Bed Bath & Beyond, eBay, Foot Locker and Sephora are joined by other notable stores, restaurants and service providers, which ensures there’s a variety of quality retailers to choose from.

And the choices don’t stop there. Several price points are offered for each brand, ensuring that a user can find a level to suit his or her budget; and payment options are just as diverse, with all major credit cards, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Paypal and V-Coins (Vodi’s rewards credits) accepted. And of course, as with any in-app purchase on Vodi, users are rewarded with V-Coins that can be used towards another Vodi product, including another eGift card.

Thus, selecting the right gift for a loved one—or treat for one’s self—is simple, quick and rewarding, and delivery is instant. The recipient can immediately “open” the gift by tapping on it, and the barcode or QR code for scanning at the retail location is displayed and ready to be used. This has major implications on Black Friday and in other holiday shopping scenarios – users could make their purchase while waiting in line at the store and “double up” by both scoring a great deal and earning rewards.

Not “Just Another Gift Card”

Vodi brings a plethora of top brands under one digital “roof,” makes eGift card purchase and delivery as effortless as the touch of a button and packages its eGift card store as part of a powerful and free messaging app that gives back to users with every purchase…but there’s still more to sweeten the deal.

Gift card shoppers these days love to be able to choose from different designs and personalize their gift with messages (indeed, GiftCards.com’s industry summary reported that 79 percent of retailers surveyed now offer customization options). Consumers demand such options even more when it comes to the many special observances that come at the end of the year.

For that very reason, Vodi offers the ultimate in customization with conversational commerce – this unique feature lets users send their eGifts within a Vodi chat; that means they can add whatever text message, image, video or GIF they like! Imagine surprising friends and family members this holiday season with eGift cards from their favorite brands as part of a text conversation and enjoying the convenience of shopping from a mobile phone. Vodi puts this—and so much more—at the user’s fingertips!

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