Vodi and Viettel America Announce Major Partnership

Collaboration will help open new markets such as Haiti, Peru and many more and bring exciting new products to customers.

Vodi & Viettel Announce Major Partnership

​Vodi, the financial and messaging app that always gives back more to its users, has just announced a new partnership with Viettel America (VTA), a subsidiary of Viettel Group, the international telecommunications conglomerate. The two will work together to launch exciting new fintech products that will increase active users and grow revenue for both companies.

In the works are customized versions of Vodi for each of the 12 countries in which Viettel operates. They will include special calling plans, discounted mobile recharges, virtual in-country local numbers available for purchase and a variety of other collaborative services that will make it easier and more affordable for customers to communicate with friends, family and business associates around the world.

This partnership is truly a win-win for both parties. Vodi will be able to expand its user base to new markets such as Haiti, Peru and other countries around the world, while Viettel maximizes its 11 unique brands by offering valuable new products to its customers.

Darren Lu, Vodi Founder and CEO

“This partnership is truly a win-win for both parties,” said Darren Lu, Vodi founder and CEO. “Vodi will be able to expand its user base to new markets such as Haiti, Peru and other countries around the world, while Viettel maximizes its 11 unique brands by offering valuable new products to its customers.”

Viettel is the majority owner of Natcom, the largest comprehensive telecom network in Haiti with more than 1.5 million subscribers; and Bitel, a strong mobile operator in Peru with more than 2.8 million subscribers. These two markets are prime targets for Vodi in the initial roll out. What’s more, Viettel has more than 100 million total subscribers in countries with a combined population of more than 250 million. While the company has a dominant presence, it is believed that there is still an unexplored market of approximately $320 million which Vodi can help penetrate.

“We’re looking forward to getting Vodi’s products, such as international calling and mobile recharges, in front of our subscribers,” said Long Nguyen, President of Viettel America. “Our goal is to help Vodi achieve in excess of 40 million new downloads over the next three years as they provide additional benefits for Viettel’s subscribers.”

One of the unique features Vodi offers customers is “send-ability” and “request-ability” of services. Vodi users are able to request mobile recharges and eGift cards from their contacts (regardless of location) with just a few clicks. The request can then be fulfilled immediately by the recipient with just a few more clicks. This adds a layer of convenience for customers who are traveling or living abroad and need quick access to funds. Additional new services, such as international money remittance and bill payment, are also being developed to help users take care of business on the go.

This partnership marks the beginning of a new period of greater worldwide popularity for both Vodi and Viettel. More details on the collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks.

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About Vodi

Vodi is a global fintech and communication services app and an all-in-one mobile platform. It is a product of MilTec Platform, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Established in 2014, MilTec offers IT platforms and mobile applications. Visit www.vodi.io and www.miltecplatform.com.

About Viettel

Viettel was originally established in Vietnam in 1989 as SIGELCO. They went international in 2006 with their Metfone and Unitel brands and have since launched their other subsidiaries while also branching into handset production, enterprise services and government services. Viettel owns and operates the Bitel (Peru), Natcom (Haiti), Nexttel (Cameroon), Lumitel (Burundi), Halotel (Tanzania), Movitel (Mozambique), Mytel (Myanmar), Unitel (Laos), Metfone (Cambodia), Viettel (Vietnam) and Telemor (Timor-Leste) brands.

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