Vodi Releases Feature-Packed Version 1.6

New version of Vodi introduces Selfie Stickers, auto-translation, Simplified Chinese and Hindi support, recharge request and more.

Vodi Version 1.6

​​​​​Vodi, the app that raised the bar in the over-the-top (OTT) messaging space, is stepping up its game with the release of version 1.6. Included with this update are a number of headliner features and products, each of which will not only resonate with existing users, but also fuel future growth.

Without further ado – version 1.6 brings to Vodi:

For mobile users who haven't started enjoying all that Vodi has to offer, there's never been a better time to jump in than with the release of this update—what was already a powerful platform has changed the game yet again.

Selfie Stickers

For all the mobile users who have been hoping for the next step in expressive, personalized stickers to send to friends, the wait is over. Selfie Stickers are a first-of-their-kind innovation, allowing users to place a photo of their face within more than 40 fun cartoon frames.

The process of creating a Selfie Sticker is simple: the user selects a photo from those already on their phone or takes a new photo, then crops to their face and selects a frame. The interface is intuitive, and favorites can be saved for future use.

The first five sets of frames include the animated Harry Hipster, Fashion Shannon and Costume Party and the static This is My JAM! and Halloween. More sets will be released with future Vodi updates.


Users who have been enjoying Vodi’s chat translation feature since the app launched in early 2016 will love auto-translation, which will allow them to automatically change their outgoing messages within a conversation to any of more than 100 languages. Vodi is an international app with an international audience, and auto-translation makes connecting friends and loved ones across borders that much easier—if the user knows their contact prefers a different language, they can now ensure that contact receives their messages in that language!

Simplified Chinese and Hindi Support

Vodi already has users in more than 135 countries around the world and is spreading fast, so the app is being translated into additional languages quickly. Due to popular demand and growth trends, version 1.6 adds Simplified Chinese and Hindi have to the existing list of supported languages (which still includes the previously introduced English, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay, Indonesian and Vietnamese).

Recharge Request and Auto-Recharge

Two new features being introduced with version 1.6 make recharging prepaid mobile plans more convenient. First, there’s the new recharge request feature. With this function, users can send a message to a Vodi contact to request a top-up for their prepaid plan, and that contact can tap the request to immediately begin the payment process. Now it’s easy for children away at college to let their parents know that their payment is due, and breadwinners working overseas can be notified by relatives back home that they need a top-up.

The other addition to the Recharge My Mobile interface is the new auto-recharge option, which will allow users to set up automatic payments to recharge their prepaid plan when their balance gets low or the billing cycle is up. They’ll never have to worry about running out of minutes or data again!

Unlimited Pinoy and Enhanced Vodi Out Quality

Making international calls to landlines and mobiles with Vodi Out is better than ever. The list of unlimited plans has grown with the debut of Unlimited Pinoy, which lets users call the Philippines all they want at $5 for 7 days and $15 for 30 days. The demand for such a product can’t be understated and is especially strong among the 14 million overseas Filipino workers around the world, who will love these affordable and hassle-free options for calling home.

Additionally, the quality of Vodi Out calls has been improved yet again. Users can expect crystal-clear voice quality and excellent reliability when they call internationally with Vodi.

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Version 1.6 is live on the App Store and Google Play now. For mobile users who haven’t started enjoying all that Vodi has to offer, there’s never been a better time to jump in than with the release of this update—what was already a powerful platform has changed the game yet again.

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