Veterans Express Increased Satisfaction With Local Service Providers in America's Warrior Partnership Survey

Annual survey results reveal communities that prioritize proactive, holistic services are empowering veterans to achieve a higher quality of life

More than 90 percent of veterans express satisfaction with local community organizations that maintain holistic, proactive support programs tailored to the unique situations of veterans, their families and caregivers. This is an increase of more than 15 percentage points since 2016 according to the 2019 Community Integration Annual Survey Report released today by America’s Warrior Partnership.

“In a growing number of communities across the nation, veterans are experiencing a higher quality of life today than they were several years ago,” said Jim Lorraine, president & CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership. “One of the main differentiators separating these communities from others is a dedication to bridging the gaps that have historically existed between local veteran-serving organizations and the national resources they need to effectively empower veterans.”

The rise of community-centric veteran service programs is exemplified by the growth of the Community Integration service model, which has been operational in communities across the nation for five years and impacted more than 50,000 warriors. The America’s Warrior Partnership Community Integration model is a proven method that provides local community organizations with the tools and means to implement a fully customized program that is responsive to the unique situations of the veterans they serve.

In areas where Community Integration is active, the 2019 Annual Survey found that 70 percent of veterans feel they are well-integrated within their local community. This is nearly double the 40 percent of veterans who felt well-integrated in 2016.

“Community involvement continues to be a key component of empowering veterans to have an optimistic outlook,” said Lorraine. “Nearly half of the veterans we surveyed who score as ‘thriving’ on the Adult Hope Scale are regularly participating in community events.”

This is the fourth year in which the Community Integration Annual Survey Report has incorporated the Adult Hope Scale, which is a proven method of evaluating hope through both objective and subjective measurements. The Adult Hope Scale enables America’s Warrior Partnership to track the mental outlook of veterans and determine the specific kind of resources, services and programs that reinforce more hopeful outlooks for the future.

Additional findings from the 2019 Annual Survey include:

·      For the third year in a row, the three most sought-after resources veterans are seeking include opportunities for recreation; opportunities to connect with other veterans and their families; and opportunities for volunteerism.

·      24 percent of veterans surveyed were only seeking resources to help them connect with others, participate in recreational activities or volunteer opportunities.

·      76 percent of veterans feel a sense of wellbeing after three months of engaging a community organization, while the remaining 24 percent feel a sense of wellbeing within the first three months of engagement.

·      81 percent of veterans who regularly participate in community events feel supported by their community. Conversely, only 60 percent of veterans who do not participate in community events feel supported by their community.

More than 1,400 veterans, active-duty service members, military family members, caregivers and community members participated in the 2019 Community Integration Annual Survey Report. The full report is available at

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