Vela and Videodata Sign Brazilian Partnership Agreement at IBC

Vela Expands Global Presence with Expansion of Reseller Partners

Vela and Videodata Reach Brazilian Partnership at IBC

​​Vela, the leading provider of compliance monitoring and smart logging solutions, today announced that an agreement was reached last week at IBC-2019 with Videodata, the leading Brazilian broadcast-technology System Integrator - making Videodata Vela’s premier Brazilian distributor.

Vela and Videodata have each served the broadcast market for 25 years and recognize many synergies working together. Videodata expands Vela’s reach and reduces the overall price paid by customers in the region by significantly reducing import taxes through integration of Vela software on hardware manufactured in-country. Videodata will provide Vela front-line technical support, making them a true value-added partner by catering to customers and answering Vela support calls in Portuguese.

Videodata CEO Rosalvo Carvalho commented, “After evaluating Vela’s solution, our team is convinced it is the most powerful, feature-rich, forward-looking, intuitive and affordable solution available – and it was important that Videodata bring this technology to Brazil.” 

"Videodata’s outstanding reputation and success supporting Brazil’s Broadcast and Telecom markets for so long, made them our first choice of partners in the region and Vela is proud of this winning alliance”, said Ken Rubin, Vela Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

​This reseller appointment comes on the heels of Vela’s strongest growth year with over 200 broadcasters deploying about 2,000 channels, as Vela has emerged with the strongest Volicon-replacement solutions available.

Vela’s Luna system has many advanced features that match those of Volicon at a lower price... while their flagship Encompass has capabilities that far exceed Volicon... both coming with Vela’s absolute commitment to customer success. 

Vela’s rapid growth has not come without help from their partners… over the past 6 months, Vela has grown its premier channel worldwide with the addition of some of the world’s best broadcast resellers, including: HVS - Heartland Video Systems, Digital Glue, Key Code Media, and Trock Media Solutions in the US, Applied Electronics in Canada, Visualdis in France, Excelencia in Mexico, Visuals in Switzerland, Periactes in Belgium, CVE - Communication Video Engineering in Italy, AVCOM in Israel, Centrax in South Africa, and now Videodata in Brazil.

Vela’s direct sales staff has more than doubled during the same timeframe and the team continues to grow with immediate openings for a Southeast US Sales Director and both Sales and Engineering hires in EMEA.

About Vela: ​Founded in 1994, Emmy-award winning Vela is the fastest-growing provider of compliance monitoring and logging systems worldwide.  Vela coined the term smart loggers because their products do so much more than logging.

​Vela Luna provides 24/7 proxy content capture and monitoring/logging with a live multiviewer and extensive QoS/TS analytics and alerting features and as-run log integration for internal air-check and ad-verification.

​Vela Encompass has unique GPU-accelerated architecture that enables Vela to include all advanced features in every system, such as original quality TS capture for repurposing back to air, ratings graphs with corresponding content, competitor commercial identification to produce sales lead lists, HLS packaging for OTT repurposing, and now AI/ML and Content Compare features.

​Vela is celebrating its greatest growth year in 2019 with over 200 new broadcast customers, a worldwide-expanded sales team and partner channel, and product awards including Product-of-the-Year at NAB-2019, and Best-of-Show at both NAB-2019 and IBC-2019.

​Vela systems have become the de facto Volicon-replacement standard in the US and are recognized worldwide for their impressive capabilities, reliability, unprecedented support, and overall value.

About Videodata: Since 1994, Videodata has offered integrated solutions based on digital video technology and quickly became a leader in Brazil and abroad.  With several milestones of technological pioneering in Brazil. Among them, the deployment of Automation using Video Servers, JPEG, MPEG 2/4, HD, Multi-Layer Edition, Latin America's First MAM & ARCHIVING System, LTO Technology for Broadcast, Reception and 3D LIVE Projection 2010 event, MAM Systems controlling Sony's Optical Disc Archive Robotics, and most recently adding Vela smart logging solutions to its limited lineup of top broadcast brands.  Always staying ahead with high-performance technology solutions to meet customers' needs with the best possible ROI.

Source: Vela/Videodata

About Vela

US-based, 26-year-old, Emmy-award winning Vela is the fastest-growing provider of compliance monitoring & logging systems worldwide. Vela smart loggers are the Volicon-replacement standard recognized for reliability, feature depth, support and value.

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