Vanquish Marketing Looks to Strengthen Team in 2016

Vanquish Marketing's Director of Operations outlined the firm's hiring and team building plans for 2016. He also highlighted strategies on hiring the sharpest talent.

​Company leaders at Vanquish Marketing are committed to making 2016 a record-breaking year. Chris, the firm’s Director of Operations, commented, “We are finishing a remarkable 2015, so we want to make sure we don’t squander the positive momentum we have built. A big part of capitalizing on 2015 will be adding new talent to power the company’s expansion and growth.”

Chris and the Vanquish Marketing leadership team stress teamwork on a daily basis. They will be looking for strong collaborators as they evaluate potential additions to their team of top performers. “Our associates fuse their unique talents to devise one-of-a-kind campaigns,” the Director added. “If a person is going to come aboard to help Vanquish Marketing reach our aggressive goals, he or she must be able to work as part of a high-achieving team.”

Bringing current associates closer together will also be a focal point as the calendar turns to 2016. Chris stated, “The level of camaraderie is already pretty high among our team members. Having said that, I believe it is important to maintain and enhance the bonds between professionals whenever possible. We plan to add more team events and office competitions throughout 2016. Our people will have plenty of opportunities to learn about each other.”

"Our associates fuse their unique talents to devise one-of-a-kind campaigns,"


Director of Operations

Vanquish Marketing’s Director Offers Suggestions for Hiring Top Talent

“With every new hire, you are bringing a specific character and personality into your organization,” Chris stated. “Here at Vanquish Marketing, we like to obtain at least one personal reference for every potential addition to our team. You can learn quite a bit from former employers, but talking to a candidate’s best friend or neighbor will tell you how reliable he or she is. This strategy will also help you dig up more than you can find through social media.”

Chris also believes it is important to be clear when a hiring manager writes the job description. “I believe you must rank the requirements for every position,” he noted. “Otherwise, you may end up with a person who is great in one area but has no experience in another. You will find well-rounded candidates if you balance what you are looking for. Here at Vanquish Marketing, we have built a high-functioning team by being extra careful with our job listings.”

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