Vanquish Marketing Growing Following Team Member Promotion

One of Vanquish Marketing's associates, Cassie, was recently advanced from being a team lead to a management role. Chris, the Director of Operations, praised Cassie's hard work and dedication.

A major component of Vanquish Marketing’s talent strategy is to offer significant career advancement opportunities to team members. Cassie started out as an entry-level team member. She proved her abilities and rose first to team leader then to manager. Chris asserted that she is the perfect success story for the firm’s team member development system.

“Cassie is a truly driven and talented individual,” he said. “She comes into the office and gives 100 percent every single day. Her success is a direct result of her work ethic. We believe in rewarding people who work hard to deliver results and Cassie has certainly done that.”

Cassie was thrilled about the news. “I have been working toward this for a while,” she said. “I know that Vanquish Marketing was an avenue to really accelerate my career. I set my eyes on a goal – I knew that I wanted to make management in the first quarter of 2016. With such a clear objective in mind all I needed to do was give my all in order to excel.”

"I am extremely proud of Cassie's success here,"


Director of Operations

She also stated that she couldn’t have done it without the amazing management training program that the firm offers. Chris explained that this initiative exposes up-and-coming team members to the responsibilities of a manager. It is a way to ensure that every associate who wants to join the management team will have the skills necessary to be successful.

“I am extremely proud of Cassie’s success here,” Chris added. “I can’t wait to see the future triumphs she will have as a manager.”

Vanquish Marketing’s Director of Operations Announced Recruitment Push

Chris indicated that he and the Vanquish Marketing management team are recruiting a fresh crop of associates to support Cassie in her new role. They are seeking people to fill several open positions, primarily to help launch new marketing campaigns.

“We are looking for individuals who fit into our culture well,” he said. “People who are ambitious and energetic will be successful at Vanquish Marketing. Technical skills and experience are bonuses but a winning attitude is the most important factor for us. All of our team members can take charge of their own careers and advance at whatever rates they prefer.”

He stated that there are many opportunities for a lucrative sales and marketing career. “Anyone who is interested in joining our team should apply through the company website.”

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