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Valiant Marketing Group's Director of Operations discussed the Christmas party she organized, which recognized team members' hard work. She also shared her tips for building and maintaining successful teams.

Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations discussed the Christmas party she organized, which recognized team members’ hard work. She also shared her tips for building and maintaining successful teams.

This past holiday season was one to remember for Team Valiant Marketing Group, as Cassie, the firm’s Director of Operations, threw a big Christmas party for all her offices. Cassie explained that she is very proud of everything the company’s brand managers have accomplished this year, so December was the ideal time to show appreciation for their 2018 efforts. During the party, team members had chances to win all kinds of prizes.

There was a merit-based element to the Christmas party raffles. Cassie noted that team members earned tickets for reaching their goals, so there were unique incentives spurring their successes over the past several months. Prizes included Disneyland tickets, yoga memberships, restaurant gift cards, and even cash awards. Those who won prizes at the party are even more motivated to post bigger accomplishments in the year to come.

The gathering was a prime opportunity for the firm’s brand managers to reflect on what went well during the past year and where they have room to improve. Along with getting into the holiday spirit, team members discussed their goals for 2019 and beyond. By celebrating the holidays and sharing successful insights with each other, team members created positive energy that will put Valiant Marketing Group on the fast track to further expansion.

Valiant Marketing Group’s Director on Maintaining a Winning Team

There are many elements that go into building a strong team and keeping its members motivated. Cassie believes clear roles and duties are among the most important things a group of professionals can have. When they know exactly what is expected of them, team members unleash their unique strengths and properly direct their energies.

The Director also believes in the power of different viewpoints. Around the Valiant Marketing Group office, there are many diverse backgrounds and work experiences guiding the creation of winning projects. Cassie explained that the various perspectives within the team combine to forge event-based marketing campaigns with uniquely powerful voices.

Celebrating team achievements is another vital aspect of a successful work atmosphere. Cassie remarked that even minor milestones are highlighted at Valiant Marketing Group HQ. Major wins are certainly cause for celebration, but building momentum through marginal victories is what powers consistent success and ongoing growth.

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Valiant Marketing Group’s experts specialize in event-based outreach campaigns. They use only the most creative solutions, as well as cutting-edge analytics, to guide brands into new markets. These efforts consistently result in heightened product awareness. That in turn leads to impressive rates of conversion and retention, along with bottom-line returns that are bigger than ever. Valiant Marketing Group’s team members are knowledgeable, flexible, and highly skilled. These traits have earned the firm a thick portfolio, which includes many Fortune 500 brands. To find out more about the company and its bright future, visit

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