Valiant Marketing Group is Expanding to San Diego

Valiant Marketing Group's Director of Operations discussed the firm's expansion into San Diego and the team members leading the charge. She also outlined a few prime benefits of having effective leaders.

It’s an exciting time around the Valiant Marketing Group office. “We’re ready to thrive in the San Diego market,” stated Cassie, the firm’s Director of Operations. “As we continue to sharpen our company’s reputation as an innovative leader in event-based promotions, we surpass our growth goals. San Diego is the latest vibrant region we’ve targeted, and we have a top-flight team in place to make the most of the opportunity.”

Sarah, one of the firm’s assistant managers, will be leading the San Diego expansion effort, taking four of the company’s top leaders with her. Sarah stated, “Ivana, Robert, Sasha, and Jolie will be helping me get the new office up and running. We’re ready to help accelerate Valiant Marketing Group’s growth and reach our company’s full potential.”

Cassie has supreme confidence in Sarah’s ability to inspire her team to deliver their best. “Sarah has proven herself as a skilled motivator,” the Director added. “She’s always ready for new challenges, and her leadership style makes her an ideal fit for this new venture. We’re excited to watch Sarah and her high-achieving associates score big wins in San Diego.”

Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations on the Benefits of Strong Leadership

According to the Director, having an adept leader like Sarah in charge of the San Diego expansion leads to many positive outcomes. She explained, “Sarah is used to dealing with changing circumstances and unexpected obstacles. She can usher her team through any growing pains as they forge connections in a new market. I have no doubt that our San Diego office will be a positive environment in which our team members can thrive.”

Effective leaders also keep motivation levels consistently high. Recognizing outstanding effort is a big part of this, and it’s something Cassie believes Sarah has taken to heart. She stated, “Sarah is quick to offer praise for excellent performance. She came up through our organization, so she understands the value of being appreciated for hard work.”

Having respected leaders in place also makes it easier for companies to attract top talent. Cassie remarked, “As we continue to expand, leaders such as Sarah will help make Valiant Marketing Group an even more desirable destination for the sharpest candidates. When jobseekers come into our San Diego office, they’ll immediately notice the supportive atmosphere Sarah has created.”

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Valiant Marketing Group’s experts specialize in event-based outreach campaigns. They use only the most creative solutions, as well as cutting-edge analytics, to guide brands into new markets. These efforts consistently result in heightened product awareness. That in turn leads to impressive rates of conversion and retention, along with bottom-line returns that are bigger than ever. Valiant Marketing Group’s team members are knowledgeable, flexible, and highly skilled. These traits have earned the firm a thick portfolio, which includes many Fortune 500 brands. To find out more about the company and its bright future, visit

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