Valiant Marketing Group Proudly Promotes Sarah to Manager

Sarah T. was recently promoted into management, and shared some information about herself. Valiant Marketing Group's Director discussed reasons for Sarah's recognition, and benefits of promoting from within the organization.

"I was born and raised in Paris, France," shared Sarah, Valiant Marketing Group's newest addition to the management team. "After having graduated from European Business School with an MBA and special training in entrepreneurship (as I've always wanted to create my own company), I obtained a postgraduate diploma in sports management from the University of California Riverside."

With such an exciting background, it's no surprise that Sarah leans toward exciting pastimes. She describes herself as an adventurous person, with a passion for extreme sports and challenges of all kinds. "Stepping out of my comfort zone isn't foreign to me," she explained. "I have had the chance to travel a lot, which has allowed me to expand my horizons and learn from other cultures. I understand that learning from others, sharing knowledge, and discovering new ways of seeing things is priceless. In fact, this is exactly what I like about working at Valiant Marketing Group. I get the chance to do these things every single day."

Now that she has earned an official leadership position at the firm, Sarah plans on continuing to be a team player. She's prepared to be even more available than before to assist others by educating, empowering, and helping them keep themselves accountable to their self-determined goals. "Working at Valiant Marketing Group has made me unstoppable," Sarah declared. "My outlook on my future is bright. I am so excited to have reached this milestone in my career."

Valiant Marketing Group's Director Discusses Sarah's Success and the Importance of Providing a Career Path

Cassie, Valiant Marketing Group's Director of Operations, weighed in on Sarah's promotion. "Sarah has done so much for the team," Cassie shared. "From professional development to generating product revenue to constant problem-solving abilities, we are so lucky to have her as part of our organization. This is someone who is going to do big things as an executive - look out world!"

While Sarah's accomplishments have more than earned her this new position, there is something to be said for the firm's commitment to promoting from within as well. According to Cassie, when associates know that their efforts will be rewarded with advancement, and that external candidates will not swoop in and grab management roles, team members are more motivated. The culture becomes one of upbeat anticipation, with top producers growing more and more excited about their careers.

"Sarah is an inspiration to us all, and I look forward to watching her continue on her Valiant Marketing Group career journey," Cassie stated. "The sky really is the limit for her."

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