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SANTA ANA, CA - Valiant Marketing Group's Director of Operations detailed an exciting travel opportunity. She also discussed the value of team recognition and offered a few tips for successful networking at industry events.

“Travel incentives give members of Team Valiant Marketing Group plenty of chances to expand their horizons,” stated Cassie, the firm’s Director of Operations. “In June, I’ll be attending the Newport Leaders Meeting along with two of our top performers. This will be an amazing opportunity to host leaders from all over the country right here in our neck of the woods. I’m looking forward to giving these high achievers a glimpse of the California lifestyle.”

Being around so many influential industry leaders will be an inspiring experience for those selected to attend. Cassie remarked, “Our brand managers will bring so many valuable insights back to the Valiant Marketing Group office after this event. Those who attend will also have great additions to their contact lists to help them accelerate their career progress.”

Travel incentives are prime motivators to elicit the best performance from team members. They’re also ideal ways to recognize excellence. The Director added, “The brand managers I choose for this trip will be ones who have shown determination in hitting their ambitious targets. We want our people to constantly aim higher, so recognition efforts that offer so much developmental value are the best ways to keep everyone engaged.”

Valiant Marketing Group’s Director of Operations Shares Networking Advice

Remarkable networking potential is offered at an event such as the Newport Leaders Meeting. Before any such gathering, Cassie shares a few important reminders with members of Team Valiant Marketing Group. She explained, “I think the first thing to remember is that research is your best friend when it comes to adding valuable contacts. The more our people know about potential connections leading up to an event, the better equipped they are to lock in on common ground.” Cassie suggests using LinkedIn and social media pages dedicated to industry functions to do the right kind of homework.

Cassie also reminds her team members to listen more than they talk when they’re interacting with potential contacts. She explained, “People like talking about themselves, so they respond well when others allow them to do so. Focusing primarily on what others say is also the best way to find shared interests and goals you may not be able to discover through online research.”

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