UnitedStack Begins Their IaaS Based on OpenStack in Europe

UnitedStack is an engineering driven open source cloud IaaS provider. It offers public and managed private cloud services for customers. It now begins to provide services in Europe for enterprises to build a secure and reliable cloud platform.

UnitedStack is an engineering driven open source cloud computing service provider offering public cloud rental service in China. Besides, it also helps build and manage a private cloud platform for organizations. In this managed private cloud service, UnitedStack participates in the whole process of building a cloud platform for enterprise, and helps do maintenance and deployment via remote service. This provides users a flexible and scalable cloud platform without high total cost of ownership.

Cloud IaaS Based on OpenStack

UnitedStack provides product and service based on OpenStack. It is an open source cloud system used in managing large pools of compute, storage, and networking resource throughout a data center. OpenStack is developed by a growing community with more than 75 leading companies like HP, Dell, and IBM. The main goal of OpenStack is to increase the velocity of cloud adoption with the ultimate open source operating system. By developing cloud infrastructure based on open source technology, UnitedStack frees enterprises from proprietary vendors and allows them to scale competitively, and integrate with any third-party technologies to meet their needs.

High Security & Reliability

To protect the private data and provide reliable cloud service for customers, UnitedStack designs several mechanisms to ensure the security and reliability. The system monitoring application helps watch the status, and actively sends alerts if any abnormality. The software defined network promises secure networking, and prevents any illegal accessing. UnitedStack also adopts Ceph to make users able to have multiple backups and storage snapshots. Besides, UnitedStack provides 7x24x365 hours technical support to help monitor the cloud and regularly update the system. All these designs make sure the cloud platform stay safe and sound, protect customer data, and make enterprises have continuous services for customers.

Peerless Storage Performance

UnitedStack integrates Ceph, the distributed object store and file system, with Nova/Glance/Cinder as storage backend. Further, UnitedStack optimizes Ceph on SSD, and triples the performance. Now, it provides up to 6,000 IOPS, and 170MB/s continuous throughput guaranteed. It takes less than 10 seconds to build one cloud server, and have snapshot on 1T storage in less than 2 seconds. By high IOPS, applications on the cloud will deliver consistent performance to customers. Customers would never disturbed by latency and enjoy the cloud services.

Flexibility & Scalability

UnitedStack makes enterprises stop guessing on their infrastructure capacity needs. UnitedStack allows them to quickly scale up or down to match their demand at anytime. Just expand the capacity for the heavy workload in certain events, and scale down when they do not need it. They only pay for what they use. Enterprises will not waste any budgets in the capacity they do not require.

Remote Deployment, Management, and Support

UnitedStack provides remote services including deployment, management and technical support. The powerful and professional assistance from UnitedStack helps enterprises effectively reach resolution and consistently managing complex cloud environments. This successfully reduces the total cost in maintaining a cloud platform or recruiting and training related technicians. With the 7x24x365 hours remote support service for cloud management, enterprise can just focus on how to differentiate business, instead of on the infrastructure.

UnitedStack is the first cloud IaaS provider adopting OpenStack in China. Its security, reliability and high performance has been proven by over 2,000 companies and organizations. Building a cloud platform with UnitedStack, enterprises can provide cloud services and satisfy the needs of their customers with the lowest budgets. Now, UnitedStack walks out from China and cooperates with H3 Platform to start the services in Europe. For more information, please check H3 Platform website (http://www.h3platform.com/uos.html).