H3 Platform Introduces FSP EMERGY Series Portable Power Storage to Europe

H3 Platform form cooperates with FSP and introduces the portable power storage, EMERGY series to Europe. This power storage could be charged with solar power and would not cause pollutions. This makes it a good replacement for a generator.

FSP, the performance power specialist, announces a new line of Energy Storage System (ESS) products. With the rapid growth of renewable energy, such as solar power, the requirement of energy storage is expected to spread greatly and meet with increasing social needs. FSP energy storage system helps leverage off-peak power and storage excess solar power in the daytime. It also delivers sufficient power during emergencies such as power outage. With their portable suitcase design they also function well as a clean and noiseless power pack for camping, outdoor concerts and events, emergency response and more. Now, H3 Platform works with FSP and begins to sell EMERGY series to Europe.

Power your devices anywhere

Established in 2014, H3 Platform aims to be a leading cloud service company . We offer a high value product line including server, storage , network switch, and integrated rack solution. Our suppliers are all the world-leading manufactures, which have rich experience working with global leading brands. With strong dedication, we provide the best technical support and flexibility to satisfy our client's need.

Edgar Chang, Marketing Specialist

FSP EMERGY series is an environment-friendly choice for plentiful power anytime, anywhere. It is a portable power source supplying power from its AC outlets to operate with lamps, notebooks, power tools, portable coolers, and other small appliances. It further provides 2 USB ports for charging smart phones or other electronic devices. It has slim, light, and wheeled suitcase design for easy transportation. It’s also easy to charge power without dealing complicated wires. All you need to do is plug-and-play. Further, it takes no fuel, and won’t produce any smoke and noise that are harmful to the environment. This makes it a good alternative for generators.

Storing solar power for evening

FSP EMERGY series features solar charging capability. In addition to AC power, it can receive solar power from photovoltaic systems when solar power is plentiful and supply power in the evening.

Most volumes of solar power are not used because they are often created in the middle of the day when there’s no one in the house. In the evening, the demand of electricity is the greatest because everyone’s home. However, there’s no solar power generated after the sun goes down. EMERGY series bridges this gap between renewable energy supply and demand by making your home’s solar energy available to you when you need it.

Short charging time & long life

FSP EMERGY series adopts high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries that feature short charging time, low self-discharge, long life cycle, and no maintenance requirement. It has high conversion efficiency (>90%), and is high-performance solar battery with an extremely short charging time. EMERGY series also has Advanced Active Balancing technology to enhance system performance, prolong life and warrant safety. This makes it an efficient power storage tank worthwhile for your photovoltaic system.

Reliable safety designs

FSP EMERGY series have sophisticated safety designs. It adopts stable and reliable battery cells that are approved through tests including short circuit, crush and nail penetration. It is further equipped with protections to prevent over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, under-temperature, over current and short-circuit. Besides, you can have real time monitoring of cell voltages, module currents, and cell temperatures to know the status of this power storage. These designs make you keep your mind in peace when using this convenient power storage.

The EMERGY 3000 Series comes in 2.6kWh (Li-ion) or 1.7kWh (Lithium Iron Phosphate) models and the EMERGY 1000 Series provides 900Wh (Li-Ion) of portable power. As a home battery, the fast-charging EMERGY series excels at solar power storage and emergency power delivery. For more information, please go to H3 Platform website (http://www.h3platform.com/fsp.html).