H3 Platform Introduces Proscend Ethernet in the First Mile Solution for Enterprises in Europe

Proscend EFM solution maximizes the performance of copper line, and offers a stable, reliable, and high-speed connectivity. It is the best choice to build internet connection between offices, or to extend Ethernet connectivity.

EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) is known as IEEE 802.3ah technology which helps enterprises build a symmetric, high-performance, and long range Ethernet connection with existing copper infrastructure. Based on G.SHDSL.bis, Proscend EFM solution maximizes the performance of copper line, and offers a stable, reliable, and high-speed connectivity for users. H3 Platform now works with Proscend and introduces their solution to Europe.

Building Rapid and Affordable EFM

Established in 2014, H3 Platform aims to be a leading cloud service company . We offer a high value product line including server, storage , network switch, and integrated rack solution. Our suppliers are all the world-leading manufactures, which have rich experience working with global leading brands. With strong dedication, we provide the best technical support and flexibility to satisfy our client's need.

Edgar Chang, Marketing Specialist

Proscend works on providing EFM solutions. EFM is known as IEEE 802.3ah technology. It is a technology for delivering symmetric bandwidth to businesses or organizations with multiple locations. With EFM technology, Proscend solutions help use copper infrastructure to extend high-performance Ethernet connectivity to different branch offices of an enterprise. Enterprises won’t need to spend much cost and time installing fibre leased line and can build high performance Ethernet connection between different offices.

Long Range and High-speed Bandwidth

Proscend 5600E and 6200 series are the best solution for enterprises in demand of long range transmission over symmetric bandwidth. With G.SHDSL.bis technology, Proscend EFM solutions maximize the transmission speed and distance coverage of copper wires.  They allow users to transmit data to remote premises about 2,700 meters far, and the guaranteed bandwidths in upstream and downstream both reach up to 22.8Mbps with 4-pairs of bonded copper wires (5.7Mbps/pair). The bandwidths can further be speed up to 15.3Mbps/pair with TC-PAM 128. Further, it provides connectivity with more stability, low delay and low packet loss, and also offers both resilience and continuity: if there’s a failed line, the service would continue on the remaining line(s) in the pair(s). 

Proscend EFM solution meets the needs in high-speed data transmission without large cost as fibre leased line. It is an economical choice for enterprises to build internet connection between offices, or for ISPs to extend their service coverage to premises in far sites. For more information, please visit H3 Platform website to see the detailed introduction.