Ultimate ElinkSmart Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit Unveils Details

ElinkSmart officially releases the details of their Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit, introducing the new features and functions of this kit.

ElinkSmart Smart Home Security Camera Kit

The ElinkSmart Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit has four main components — a PTZ 720P HD Wi-Fi Camera, a PIR motion sensor, two door/window sensors, and a wireless doorbell. The batteries for each component and the installation accessories are included in the package, so there is no need to search for different batteries and accessories all over the place. It’s quick and easy to start using this Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit.

The Wi-Fi Security Camera works as a hub for the Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit, which can either work individually or act automatically when the sensors are triggered. All the components inside the kit are configured and controlled through the eSmartCam App which can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

To configure the system, the security camera should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the eSmartCam App. After creating an account for the eSmartCam App and performing a reset on the Wi-Fi camera, either of the two configuration methods should be done to link the Wi-Fi camera to the App. To pair the PIR sensor, door/window sensors and the doorbell with the eSmartCam App, what needs to be done is to put the batteries inside the components and make sure they can be switched on. To get started, firstly, remove the sticker inside the door/window sensor and press the button on it, then press the doorbell, switch the PIR sensor on at the back, then click the corresponding icons of the components on the App and wait until they are connected successfully.

The smart Wi-Fi camera comes with 720P HD video and a wide 95° angle and Pan/Tilt (355° /120°) view coverage. It features multiple functions such as video recording, premium night vision model, motion detection, alarm notification, and two-way audio amongst others.

The PIR sensor has high sensitivity and long-distance detection coverage. It can be mounted to the wall to detect activity in a specific area in case of any unexpected movement.

The kit includes two door and window sensors. The sensors can be attached to the door or window to protect from unwanted break-ins. Once they are triggered, an alarm notification will be sent to the phone. Then whatever action necessary should be taken.

The doorbell in the kit has two models — one is the mute model, triggering notifications rather than sound when someone rings it; the other is the default model, ringing when someone visits.

Besides the motion alerts from the security camera and the sensors, the preset positions can be saved for the camera to capture a screenshot of the movement. First, rotate the camera towards the PIR sensor, then mark it as ‘position one’ and save it. Second, rotate the camera towards the door or window sensor, then mark it as ‘position two’ and save it. Once that’s been done, whenever the sensors are triggered, the camera will automatically rotate towards the pre-saved positions and snap a photo for checking out later in the App.

For this Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit with lots of functionality, the retail price is $85.99 on Amazon. There is a free trial for 60-day cloud storage with purchase. For more information, please visit www.elinksmart.net.

Overall, the ElinkSmart Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Kit is a handy, next level solution for home security and home automation.

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