ElinkSmart Wi-Fi Camera Kit - Innovative Home Security Alarm System

ElinkSmart provides the new solution to home security which is an innovative Wi-Fi camera kit.

The most of the home security system providers were offering the bullet cameras and NVR system to meet the customers’ needs. They all require the complicated wiring installation, dozens of sensors connected to the hub, or a monitor screen to see and control the cameras. Those home security systems were popular and still could be found on Amazon or other shopping websites.

ElinkSmart provides an innovative solution, by providing a wireless PTZ Camera to pair to the door sensors, PIR sensor, and a wireless doorbell. Users can watch everything that is happening at home and receive all the alerts through mobile phones.

The door sensor is a very useful gadget, which can be attached to the door or window cabinets, drawers, safes, and even lidded bottles. When a child opens the cabinet, or the window is open, the magnetic component and the sensor component of the door sensor will separate and trigger an alarm.

The wireless doorbell is an easy-to-use Wi-Fi connected doorbell with a lot of practical and creative usage more than you can imagine. If it is installed outside the door, it works as a doorbell and sends the push notifications to the cell phone every time when someone rings it. If it is installed somewhere in the house, then it is a call button. When the elderly are in trouble, they can press the button to call the camera, the camera will send the call to the mobile phone and allow starting a two-way talk.

The PIR motion sensor which is a reliable safeguard protects the area from the unwanted visiting in the wide detection range.

As a gateway, the Wi-Fi camera can pair the sensors via the App and interact with them. It can work as a wireless security camera with all functionality as well. When the certain position of the camera was saved in the App, the camera will automatically turn towards to the door sensor’s location. When the door is opened, in addition to receiving a message on the mobile phone, the camera will also rotate and take photos to save in the App. Just like the door sensors, the wireless doorbell and PIR sensor can also be set up to save the locations in the App. The wireless camera replaces the traditional alarm hub and is even better than the traditional ones, which will take action when the sensors are triggered.

The most important feature of this smart home kit is the ability to protect the family safely and make the process easier and more comfortable. The ElinkSmart Wi-Fi camera kit is simple and powerful, which makes people experience the home automation in the daily life. To get more information, please visit our website at www.elinksmart.net.

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