UK Fire Safety Supplier, Fire Protection Online, Offering New Powder Extinguishers

Fire Protection Online - one of the United Kingdom's leading online retailers of fire extinguishers fire alarms, and other fire safety equipment - announces the addition of several new powder extinguishers to its online store inventory.

Fire Protection Online - one of the United Kingdom's leading suppliers of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and other fire safety gear - announces several new additions to its product lineup. Among the new additions are several powder extinguishers that range in size from 1 to 100 kilograms.

Fire Protection Online now offers 12 different powder extinguishers for use in a number of settings. The 1 kilogram powder extinguisher is the smallest one offered by FPO. These extinguishers are recommended for home use. They are versatile because they can be used on almost every fire type, even around electrical equipment. Manufactured by Thomas Glover and Company, these models include a 5 year warranty and are ready to use.

Two, four and six kilogram models are also available. They are ideally suited to small industrial business and laboratories. As with the smaller models, they are also suitable for use on a number of different fire types.

Larger powder extinguishers are available as well, including the 100 kg powder wheeled fire extinguisher. Despite its size and fire fighting power, the wheeled 100 kg models are easy to maneuver. Fire Protection Online is offering two different body styles for their 100 kg units. The first and most popular model is the stored pressure extinguisher. With a visible pressure gauge, these models are always ready to be used. The other model contains and external pressure cartridge requiring the cartridge valve to be moved to the open position before it can be used.

Fire Protection Online makes these large and powerful powder extinguishers available for marine use as well, and they have the ability to create extinguishers with the ship's wheel mark on them. Powder extinguishers are suitable for industrial settings and wherever fuels, solvents, paints and other flammable liquids are stored. They can also be used to put out Class A and Class C fires, and they can be used on live electrical equipment fires.

In the United Kingdom, dry powder extinguishers are typically made using ABC or multi-purpose powder, making them for a variety of fire risks. Some of FPO's powder extinguishers contain Monnex powder - known the world over for its fire fighting power. Other specialized metal fire extinguishers are also offered in FPOs line of specialty products.

Fire protection and safety is very important in both residential and commercial settings. It is important that fire extinguishers are serviced routinely by a fire safety expert that is BAFE certified. Employees should be trained in the use of fire safety equipment. Not all extinguishers can be used for every type of fire, so proper instruction is essential for maintaining the safety of all employees.

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