Fire Protection Online Now Offering Expanded Line of Smoke Alarms

Fire Protection Online, a leading retailer of fire blankets, fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment in the UK, is announcing its new and expanded line of smoke alarms.

Fire Protection Online, a leading online retailer in the United Kingdom of fire blankets, fire safes, fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment, is announcing the expansion of its line of smoke alarms. The expanded list of products includes travel smoke alarms, heat and smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. A variety of alarms are available for purchase including, heat and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and travel smoke alarms.

The 10-Year Sealed Smoke alarm from Kiddie is suitable for use in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and landings. Battery replacement is not required in this model as the unit is entirely sealed. These models include a 10-year warranty and they are BSi Kitemarked to BS 5446 pt. 1, CE Marked. Fire Protection Online offers the 10-year Kiddie models for sale in twin packs as well.

Fire Protection Online's line of Kidde battery smoke detectors can be used throughout a home or business and are ideal for small rooms, hallways and landings. The feature low battery alerts and test buttons so that you can inspect them for functionality. Some models, including the 0918UK Kiddie detector are also equipped with an automatic escape light.

Most battery units are very slim and can simply be installed using two small screws or adhesive pads. Many Kiddie smoke alarms are manufactured to include a five year warranty, and batteries come with the units. Kiddie, a leader in the manufacture or smoke detectors and alarms, makes more than 30 million alarms and detectors every year.

Another item added to the Fire Protection Online inventory is the FlareSafe travel smoke alarm and flashlight. It can be used as an LED flashlight, an optical smoke detector and an emergency attack alarm. It is approximately 6" long and weighs about 200 grams.

A complete line of carbon monoxide detectors are also through Fire Protection Online's online store, and several units double as CO and smoke detectors.

For commercial and residential owners, it is important that smoke detectors be positioned correctly. Check to make sure that the alarm is suitable for use near bathrooms or kitchens. For proper placement, contact your local fire office or risk and safety manage for advice.

Smoke alarms and detectors in proper working order can reduce the number of fatalities caused by fires by as much as 90%. Alarms should be tested regularly and old batteries should be replaced routinely. If after replacing the batteries, you are still unsure that your detector is working it should be replaced.

Fire Protection Online offers an extensive line of smoke detectors and alarms manufactured by Kidde. The can be tested for functionality by depressing a button that emits a distinct chirping sound. An abbreviated but repetitive chirping sound is also sometimes heard from models automatically when the battery power is low.

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