Fire Protection Online Offers New Line of Fire Safety Signs

Fire Protection Online, a leading retailer of CO2 fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment in the United Kingdom, is announcing its newest line of fire safety signs.

Fire Protection Online, an internet retailer in the United Kingdom of wet chemical, dry chemical, CO2 fire extinguishers and other fire safety products, is announcing the addition of a complete line of fire safety signs.

By law, employers operating under the United Kingdom's Healthy and Safety Laws are required to install fire safety sign in order to protect the health of employees and the general public. The UK Health and Safety laws require employers to ensure that the workplace is safe and does not present risks to workers.

Employers are also required to make sure that the grounds and machinery on the premises are in safe working order and that proper working conditions are maintained. Finally, employers must ensure that materials and substances used are stored and utilized properly. The installation of fire safety signs helps employers stay in compliance with safety laws and regulations.

The line of fire safety signs offered by Fire Protection Online is extensive. It includes a wide variety of safe condition, fire safety, mandatory, and prohibition notices.

Safe condition signs are typically green, and they let employees know the locations of needed safety equipment. For example, a safe condition sign may point employees to first aid equipment, to nearby fire exits, or give other instructions about how to behave in an emergency. They can also help direct employees to fire safety blankets and hose reels, giving employees instructions for their use.

Red signs let employees know the location of fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and hoses. Signs with blue circles on them indicate to employees give instructions in the event of an emergency. For instance, one kind of fire action notice might instruct people to use the stairs if there is a fire instead of taking the elevator. Others contain instructions for keeping fire exits clear and for keeping fire doors shut.

Prohibition signs are very common. They contain a graphic or picture that is in the middle of a red circle with a line through it. They let employees know of the dangers associated with a certain behavior such as smoking.

Fire Protection Online offers photo luminescent signs manufacture by Jalite which are made of a special inorganic phosphor compound. This compound is reflective and meets with safety sign standards. Photo luminescent signs are not radioactive and they are non-toxic in addition to being self-extinguishing. These properties ensure that when the light are out, they light up clearly, making it easier for employees to find emergency exits, stairs, and other hazards in the event of a fire.

All employees should be trained in how to use fire safety equipment and how to safely and quickly exit the building during a fire.

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