Twin Cities IAQ Company Participates in Nationwide Mold Research Project

Advanced Air Quality Consultants, a Minnesota Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) company, is participating in a nationwide research project in order to improve mold inspection and restoration practices.

Advanced Air Quality Consultants, an air quality testing company based in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area, is participating in a nationwide mold research project in partnership with EMSL Analytical Inc., the University of Tulsa and Yale University.

The purpose of the project – entitled "Development, calibration, and validation of a simple tool for guiding mold inspection and remediation in U.S. homes" – is to make available a technically-valid and cost-efficient tool for determining the influence that dampness has on a building's fungal ecology.

Project participants, all of whom are involved in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) community, have been tasked with collecting settled dust samples in homes with or without verified water damage. After they are collected, the samples will be used to create records and indices that more precisely guide residential mold inspection and restoration.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has funded the project. Because the study is still in progress, the results have not been published.

About Advanced Air Quality Consultants

Advanced Air Quality Consultants is a Minnesota-owned Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) certified business that offers local residential, commercial, and industrial building owners inspection and testing services. As an IAQA member, the company has received independent certification by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).

Advanced Air Quality Consultants offers a combination of the most efficient means of testing air, determining the root cause of indoor air quality problems, and providing instructions to remedy the situation and thwart future air quality issues.