Fence Manufacturer Helps IDOT Reduce Noise Barrier Project Costs

A Minnesota-based fence manufacturer and distributor recently provided the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) with a tool to help reduce labor and construction costs for a noise barrier project.

Vinyl Fence Wholesaler – a manufacturer and distributor of commercial-grade fencing and sound walls headquartered in Minnesota – provided the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) with a fencing product that helped reduce costs on a noise barrier project in the city of Aurora.

Construction of the Aurora noise barrier began in July of 2016 and was completed in August of 2017. The goal of the project was to build a cost-effective and visually appealing sound wall that would reduce noise pollution in residential neighborhoods caused by nearby road traffic.

“IDOT came to us for a construction project requiring a 12-foot tall sound wall and an 8-foot tall privacy fence that was taking place on Eola Road in Aurora, IL. In order to save Illinois taxpayers money, IDOT representatives asked for an alternative to the cost-prohibitive precast concrete sound walls commonly used in the creation of noise barriers,” said Jim Sweet, president of Vinyl Fence Wholesaler. “We provided a cost-effective solution that exceeded the IDOT sound wall regulations.”

A noise barrier, often referred to as a sound wall, noise wall, or sound barrier, can diminish noise pollution, which helps residents and workers by reducing the stresses that extreme noise can trigger.

Vinyl Fence Wholesaler participated in a three-year long “test” project for IDOT, which resulted in the company’s Simulated Stone Sound Wall, the fencing product used in the Aurora noise barrier project, being officially approved for IDOT construction projects.

Due to the fast and simple installation process, the Simulated Stone Sound Wall requires, the product has helped IDOT lessen both labor and construction costs. In addition, the product is incredibly durable and stable, so the structure is expected to last and help IDOT avoid maintenance costs for the foreseeable future.

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