Turnkey PCB Assembly: The Latest Marvel in Electronics Assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly

​The one-stop solution provider who takes care of entire projects for users basically, from point A to Z without them having to do anything at all really: the great HemeixinPCB is now also introducing full turnkey PCB assembly services. All the people out there who do know exactly what a turnkey PCB assembly is must be anxiously waiting for this circuit board service to hit the market. It’ll surely be worth the wait.

For those out there who aren’t yet aware of what a turnkey PCB assembly exactly is, it’s simple. A turnkey PCB assembly is the latest approach in electronics assembly. What it does is that it helps engineers and entrepreneurs by making the development of printed circuit boards quick and easy. This means users don’t have to do much on their own — just transfer their design and instantly get a quote. That’s pretty much all that users have to do by themselves. The rest, HemeixinPCB takes care of, from manufacturing to the procurement of all the PCB parts to inspection and testing to finally, assembling the final perfect product.

There are many benefits to the turnkey PCB assembly. The greatest is the fact that there’s no wait time and users can get a quote easier and quicker than ever before. Since all the other outdated assembly methods weren’t designed to be swift and smooth both at the same time, this modern approach is sure to be a huge success. No more waiting around forever just to get a simple quote! Once customers start using the turnkey PCB assembly approach, it also makes it easier for them to handle because they won’t have to go from one vendor to another. One vendor, just HemeixinPCB, will do everything for the customer.

Another huge factor is the ease with which all the information can be viewed online in real time. This means while HemeixinPCB takes care of ordering and tracking all the components necessary for the customer’s project, the customer can easily log in and check up on everything that is going on like tracking all the parts that have been ordered or are yet to be ordered, getting updates about goals that have been fulfilled and much more. In a nutshell, the customer will get all the information about their project without having to do any of the work. This factor is also a key point because it lets individuals remain involved in their project and get to oversee it efficiently instead of giving it all over to the company.

For those wondering what files are required for all turnkey PCB assembly orders, here are the requirements: drill files, Gerber files, X-Y data and Bill of Materials in Excel format.

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