Power-Motors' Window Lift Motors - the Next Safest Automotive Solution for Vehicles to Ever Be Put Together

​Power-Motors, a leading motor manufacturer catering to a number of industries, is expanding its motor-applications with its state-of-the-art window lift motors. For cars that ensure better safety to their passengers, Power-Motors is what they opt for. Power-Motors has a vast array of motors that fit the needs of many, from basic kitchen appliances to heavy-duty industrial machinery. Power-Motors has a solution to every industry that can’t work without motors contributing to them. 

Power-Motors’ window lift motors are the ultimate game changer as they provide a tremendous effort, while assuring complete safety. According to a Power-Motors spokesperson, “Our state-of-the-art automotive windows close automatically, and involve a negligible risk of trapping, squeezing or injury to passengers inside the vehicle. The credit of this safety-intended feature is a big contribution made by our engineers who worked for many hours to put together a solution like this. The functionality of window lift motors revolve around the exposure of electric current from the motor, without Hall sensor. Then, the position of the window is detected by performing a count on the number of passed ripple current. Following which, the standard value of the passed current is compared with the value of real current in the same position. This helps in figuring out whether the obstacle exists, as well as, whether an anti-pinch protection is needed or not. The solution without Hall sensor results in accurate detection, reduces cost and make the installation more convenient to be performed.”

Window Lift Motors are the basis of the entire window inside a car. If any one of these windows fail to perform up to the mark, then the situation might lead to becoming a hazardous one. 

While emphasizing further on the functionality and benefits of the window lift motors, the spokesperson from Power-Motors added, “The mechanism of window lift is what that allows it to move up and down. It’s the motor that gets connected with the regulator to ensure a proper functioning. Power-Motors have a team of diligent engineers that works continuously to guarantee their customers a product at the end that they can trust and rely on. Power-Motors believe that window lift motors are nonetheless a vital part that goes inside the car, which is often ignored. Of course, the functionality of these motors are only to roll a window, but when carried out in a better and prompt way, these windows can elevate a passenger’s vehicle experience by keeping hindrances and mishaps at bay.”

The mechanism of the window lift motors is all down to a single regulation that happens inside the windowpane. If the mechanism fails, then the entire window becomes nothing but a motionless glass shield. At Power-Motors’ these motors are double checked in different stages of being manufactured, so that their functionality can be checked more than once before going forth with the assembly. 

Source: Power-Motor

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