Triple Threat Marketing's Focus on Team Bonding

At Triple Threat Marketing, a leading interactive promotions firm, group fun isn't simply a perk. As management notes, it's a mandatory requirement that is rooted in the belief that close-knit teams succeed.

“I firmly insist that we gather as a team at least once a month,” stated Trey, Triple Threat Marketing’s director of operations. “There’s something magical that happens when you bring together everyone for an evening of fun and laughter. It injects an entirely different level of energy into the organization. This propels collaboration and innovation.”

Trey noted that the Triple Threat Marketing team recently enjoyed an evening bowling together. “Yes, there were a few gutter balls. There were some strikes, too!” he said. “The most important thing was that we were spending time with each other, getting acquainted in a different way than we could in an office setting.”

"We also make an effort to give back to the community as a group,"

Trey, Director of Operations

“With team nights, real personalities come out,” he added. “You see team members at different levels connect based on common ground and interests. Each time I watch my team interact at one of these events, I envision a stronger, deeper bond. This is critical in a business like ours. In creative endeavors, you need fresh, diverse perspectives. You also need trust. These companionable evenings build that level of confidence in each other.”

Triple Threat Marketing Managers on Giving Back

According to Trey, the Triple Threat Marketing team doesn’t limit bonding activities to fun events, like dinners or game nights. “We also make an effort to give back to the community as a group,” he said. “Doing so adds an entirely different dimension to our bonding.”

Trey explained that the team actively seeks opportunities to volunteer for local charitable organizations. “There are a variety of ways we serve our community. First, we discuss what causes are important to the collective group. Children, animals, the elderly, and the poor are all popular choices.”

“Once we settle on a cause, our next goal is to decide how we’re going to serve,” he continued. “Sometimes we’re raising funds or collecting items, like for a food drive. Other times we put in sweat equity, helping clean or cook. As with our business operations, we establish measurable goals for our philanthropic activities. Specific objectives allow us to guarantee that we’re delivering results.”

“As a team, we’re committed to providing the best for those whose success we touch,” Trey concluded. “The stronger our team, the more assured those victories are. Every moment we invest in strengthening bonds helps make this happen.”

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